Be Classy the Smart Way with LuxeSTYLE by Maxi Cash

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Be Classy the Smart Way with LuxeSTYLE by Maxi Cash–Maxi-Cash offers a new retail line for pre-loved luxury merchandise islandwide this year – LuxeSTYLE. They are the new one-stop shop for various handpicked luxury items that are sold less than the original price, appealing for smart spenders.

Without compromising their quality product to the retail price, LuxeSTYLE follows a strict command of inspecting the item’s quality and authenticity. Not just that, but they will also provide value-added-services after the purchase.

As LuxeSTYLE is being introduced, the CEO of Maxi-Cash, Mr. Ng Leok Cheng says, “As Singapore’s first public-listed pawnbroking company, we pride ourselves to lead and modernize the pawn industry. LuxeSTYLE is our latest retail line that differentiates from a conventional pre-loved goods dealers.” All of which are categorized from elegant timepieces, designer bags, and sophisticated jewelry.

Be Classy the Smart Way with LuxeSTYLE by Maxi Cash

The successful launch of LuxeSTYLE last March 29, 2017, is lavish in the form of a walk-in wardrobe that is fully stocked with their luxury items. Over a hundred guest came over, browsing from their items. In the evening, Mr Daniel Boey, Singapore’s premier celebrity stylist, conducted an exclusive styling workshop with the use of pre-loved items to make a fashion statement.

As they broaden their service to other interested customers, they distribute their luxury items across 41 Maxi-Cash stores near bus interchanges and MRT stations. To find the shop near you, visit the Maxi-Cash Store. Everyone is invited to visit them and check their fully stocked luxury timepieces, designer bags, and fine jewellery.

Now, smart shoppers can enjoy the symbol of class and fame whether it is a gift for others or for oneself, a true cost saving as they desire to upgrade with LuxeSTYLE.