Brandon Chong’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

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Brandon Chong’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation–With a strong belief in living and breathing wellness, Brandon is a male yogi who is not afraid of pushing boundaries when it comes to fitness. We ask him to share his workout secrets.

The 27-year-old has almost done it all: competitive Latin dancing, fashion modeling, and a military stint with the Singapore Navy. Now, he is a yoga instructor who aims to bring music and movement together by training the mind and body. Brandon hopes to share the benefits of yoga with everyone, especially males in Singapore!

What is on your workout music playlist?

I mix movement with my yoga practice, so I have created a nice playlist that gets me in the zone to move and relax. Most of my tracks do not include much lyrics as they can be distracting.

Brandon Chong’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

I am a fan of Spotify! I have created a nice one-hour flow sequence that I share with the yoga flow classes I teach. Some of my top tracks are: Fleur Blanche by Orsten, I Came Running by Ancient Astronauts and Natural Cause by Emancipator. I love how their beats get me moving and flowing with my breath while keeping my mind and body focused.

What motivates you to workout, when you do not feel like it?

I get motivated in many ways. I don’t see a workout at work. I see it as loving my body and enjoying some me time.

There can be times where I get on Instagram and to be inspired by the many beautiful yogis and yoginis—so many awesome local yoga practitioners—before going to my mat for a short flow session.

Also, I prefer to move whenever my body allows me to instead of following a fixed schedule. We all have different bodies, and our bodies have different limitations. Our body also sends us signals as to how much we should exercise—too much and you will hurt yourself, too little and you will feel stiff.

So whatever your motivation is, set your intention and just do it—five minutes on the mat is better than not being on the mat at all.

Witness Brandon’s gravity-defying poses on his Instagram @branstands