Banana Water Helps You Sleep Better

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Banana Water Helps You Sleep Better–Say goodbye to sleep problems & insomnia with banana water, a natural & nourishing drink made using organic bananas.

We all know how having poor or little sleep affects us badly—we feel exhausted, low in energy levels, low self-esteem, our cognitive functions are affected, our motor skills decline, and overall are more emotionally sensitive. It has also been scientifically proven that sleep deprivation is linked to some serious health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Banana Water Helps You Sleep Better

The modern solution to insomnia is sleeping pills. However, prolonged use of sleeping pills may cause several side effects such as:

  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • difficulties focusing and remembering
  • stomach pain
  • weakness
  • uncontrollable shaking
  • parasomnias (doing things without remembering)
  • harm to the central nervous system
  • breathing difficulties

Holistic Approach to Health: Banana Water

Troubles with sleeping may be caused by various reasons such as mineral deficiencies, an unhealthy diet, anxiety and stress, emotional trauma, and your overall lifestyle. A natural and holistic approach to this includes spending more time in nature, regular exercising, and acceptance and love for who you are right now. Give yourself a big hug, breath and relax.

If you do not wish to start your day already tired and grumpy, here is easy and natural sleep remedy that works wonders and tastes great too—banana water. Drink it before bedtime and sleep like a baby!

Very simply, banana water is a natural drink made out of boiling banana peels or whole bananas in water. Whether you are using only the peel or the whole banana, the fruit itself can be eaten. Just mix them with your choice of natural and organic ingredients—my personal choices are organic raw cacao powder, Manuka honey, almond oil, bee pollen, goji berries, hemp or coconut flakes, almonds or other nuts—and eat the bananas.

Bananas, especially the peel, are a rich source of magnesium, potassium, and tryptophan. These three together assist in regulating sleep patterns and supports you in adopting a positive and holistic life attitude—when you are stressed, the first mineral that is depleted from your body is magnesium, while tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the body, which elevates moods and reduces stress.

A Sensory Experience 

When we worry about the future and fret about the past, that is when we feel stress or anxious. You can transform the preparation of banana water into a sensory experience that adds to the experience of relaxation.

Focus on every step that is required to make the banana water, from buying the bananas at the market or supermarket to finally drinking the banana water—feel the texture of every cutlery and tool that you use; feel the energy of every ingredient; feel grateful for having the food that will nourish your body, heart and soul. Awaken your senses to touch, sight, smell, sound, and finally taste by being fully present in the moment.

Before you drink the banana water, set the intention to be open to its nourishing and calming properties. So that it will assist you in sleeping blissfully, and waking up feeling yummy, sexy, radiant and glowing, refreshed, joyful, grateful, loving, and full of creative energy to rock the day.

I personally also love holding the cup in both hands and placing it on my belly, feeling the warmth completely relaxing my womb, hands, and arms up to my heart.

To help you fall deeper into your body and relax an overactive mind, here are other things that you can do:

  • Play some relaxing music in the kitchen and bedroom.
  • Diffuse some essential oils to create a relaxing ambience.
  • Massage your body or have your partner massage you.
  • Avoid using electronics or checking the Internet at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Let go of all distractions and external stimulus, and bring awareness to your breath—allow it to be slow and deep, caressing you from within.