BaliSpirit Festival: Tymi Howard’s Dance with Yoga

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Hailing from Central Florida, Tymi Howard owns and teaches at Guruv Yoga Studios in Central Florida. Before discovering yoga, Tymi was a dancer. This explains the grace with which she moves as she teaches yoga. Her classes are compassionate and grounding, and they are delivered in her soothing voice. We speak with Tymi at the 2016 BaliSpirit Festival to find out more about her relationship with yoga.

What benefits have yoga and dance both taught you? 

Yoga has brought balance to my body. For example, in dance I had a stronger lower body but yoga gave me a stronger upper body. Dance creates a foundation for discipline and that has been cultivated within me since the young age of five. I always tell people who are new to yoga to show up everyday, consistency is everything. Be disciplined to show up everyday and be consistent with it.  

Do you think your background as a dancer naturally helped your yoga practice?

Yes, and no. I think dance helped with focus, concentration, dedication, and discipline, but there are some challenging aspects of dance. It creates some samskaras (psychic knots or blockages in the body), and some imbalances that can be challenging when you start to practice yoga. Dance, specifically ballet, is very externally rotated while yoga, teaches us how to internally rotate. Yoga is about tuning inward and dance is about to expressing yourself outward. Dance gave me so many gifts to bring to the yoga practice, and some challenges that have been my greatest teacher.

BaliSpirit Festival Tymi Howard’s Dance with Yoga

What do you do when you are off the mat? 

I teach! I teach every single day except for the days I am travelling. I teach at my two studios in Central Florida, and I travel two to three weeks of a month for retreats and yoga teacher trainings. When I’, not in the yoga mode, spend as much as time as I can with my fiancé and his son, and my dogs.

What inspires you in your practice? 

My students. Every day. They are my greatest teachers when they share with me that their practice has given them the courage, strength, and confidence to make a major shift in their life for the better. That shift can be emotional, physical, or healing health wise. It may have changed their spiritual life, or given them the courage to pursue another career, or opened their heart to love better or love someone else. That is the greatest gift for a teacher.

I truly believe we are all here to serve one another; my purpose is to inspire others to have the courage and faith to lead and live their passion and their purpose. To be able to do that every single day and watch the changes of my students, that inspires me.

Tymi has never been to Singapore before but she would love to drop by soon to teach, and spread her passion and purpose with us.

Written by Natasha Hashim