Bali 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Routes of Yoga

When: 4th – 26th June 2015

Where: Ubud, Bali, Taksu Yoga & Movement Arts

Cost:    2,780 USD,   Early Bird Price (registration before 1st April)

2,980 USD, Regular Price


  • All yoga classes, workshops and lectures
  • Course manual
  • Use of yoga mats and props
  • Free flow of filtered water, tea and coffee
  • 200Hr Yoga Alliance recognised certificate (upon successful completion)
  • Students are entitled to 15% discount at Taksu Restaurant & 10% discount at Taksu Spa during the course.

Above pricing is for the course fee and is a non-residential package. Accommodation options are also available. Contact Routes of Yoga for more details

Contact : Routes of Yoga

[email protected] for full course details


Dive deep into all Major Aspects of Yoga & Learn to share your Knowledge with others.


A comprehensive and holistic training program covering all major aspects of yoga in both practice and in theory. Participants gain a thorough understanding into the process and science of yoga while cultivating a solid teaching methodology rooted in practice. This teacher training is a certified program recognized by the Yoga Alliance.


Course Overview

The program moves through 3 major areas of development necessary to share the practice of yoga with ample knowledge, confidence, and compassion.

Bali 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Routes of Yoga



Building a strong physical practice is the focus of the first component. The main elements and qualities of a physical practice are explored while anatomy lectures pave the way for workshops that focus in on the individual asana groups. These concepts are applied in targeted daily classes and time is set aside for students to get direct clarification on any issues that arise during the day’s explorations. This sets a solid foundation for the training program.


Bali 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Routes of Yoga



From the physical realm, we venture out to the more subtle concepts and techniques of yoga, such as chakras, kriyas, pranayama and meditation. Through history and philosophy lectures students are able to place these techniques within the bigger context of yoga and understand their individual purposes towards its ultimate goal.

These first two areas of development teach students the core principals of yoga and how to implement them into their daily lives. The intention is for participants to have confidence in their own practice first and how it can positively impact their living and perception of the world. The third component is then layered onto this.

Bali 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Routes of Yoga


Built upon the backbone of a solid daily practice, teaching methodology, sequencing, and teaching labs offer tools on how to lead multi-level classes with clarity and confidence. Ample time is allocated to teaching labs where students gain hands-on experience in leading classes and get individual feedback and guidance. Further studies into yoga history and the analysis of key philosophical texts allow for a deeper view point and base from which to teach from.


A comprehensive understanding of the subject and a regular practice are necessary pre-requisites for teaching however alone they do not ensure a clear and efficient transfer of information. In the third component the focus is on developing these key attributes of a teacher along with nurturing each student’s individual teaching style.


Upon successful graduation of the course, participants will be ready and confident to embark on their individual teaching careers.


The 200hr teacher training course comprises of all topics included in:

Immersion Module A – The Body

Immersion Module B – Beyond Asanas

Immersion Module C – The Art of Teaching
For full course details, topics covered, schedule & registration visit ROY’s website.

Bali 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Routes of Yoga

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