Life often challenges us to keep fighting with endless problems and hard situations that we need to get out of. Have you ever felt that you couldn’t cope with all the stresses around you and felt like giving up? Have you ever thought dropping everything and hiding in a shell? As the pressures of society continue to mount in our every changing landscape and surroundings. What are the ways to battle our own stresses and external pressure to conformity or societal requirements?

Awaken Your Inner Cavemen

In all our battles of life, our mind often tells us to give up faster than we know it. This is because we have crafted our characteristics to that of society. Abiding by societal norms and the requirements that are acceptable.

Having a mentality to keep going and never give up brings us back to the past when cavemen used to live and till today with rural tribes and nomads. How do they survive not only living day to day while in search of pastures for their flock and hunting for their families? It is all about being able to go beyond the limitations of our abilities, forming a bond among those with similar issues and fighting on to a better tomorrow.

Cavemen, as we know it, had to hunt, gather and feed their own people while weathering the storms, heat and famine. They built resilience through hardships thus becoming even stronger fighters. Until today, tribes in Africa go through boys to men rituals where a boy has to kill an animal with his own bare hands and a stick. This builds a strong mental psyche creating a psychological barrier to weakness and less fear. Beating fear creates confidence therefore giving anyone the drive to go further.

Cavemen also had very good communication in all forms and way of life. This gave them the ability to hunt and gather better and faster. As we become more inclined to living with technology and reliant on it, we become weaker in verbal communication and self-abilities become less of a requirement. If we practice our verbal communication, you will find we are better able to handle anything thrown at us.

Finally, cavemen have a very strong outward image even if they may be small in size or have any flaws in their physique. With a strong image, competitors will be afraid of them and would not compete for fear of failure. With a positive strong image and good skill set along with it, they ooze with confidence intrinsically and extrinsically. Without a doubt, having the sense of “I am strong, I can hunt, I will survive” mentality. Nothing can beat their mental, physical and emotions down because of their mentality of survival.

Therefore, to survive is not only to live like every day was your last but to keep fighting and never giving up even at the toughest point of your life. A tough inner and outer shell that will not break your emotions, affect your physical to go past your limits and mental strength to beat the voices in our heads. With all these, live life like a caveman and never let anything affect you.