American Tribal Style Belly-dancing

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American Tribal Style Belly-Dancing –– Yup. You heard it right! If you want to bust that groove you need to know, a transplant from Germany; she is one of the few Fusion Bellydancers in Asia. She teaches American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Bellydance in Singapore, making this a rare, new, cutting-edge opportunity.

American Tribal Style Belly-dancing

What are the roots of American Tribal Style Belly-Dancing”

American Tribal Style Belly-Dancing is a modern dance fusion. It originated in the US and combines beautiful steps from Indian Dances, powerful arm movements from Flamenco as well as active hip-work originated from the Middle East.

ATS® is new in Singapore and is an improvisational group dance where a woman can explore their feminine energy (Shakti) and have fun dancing together. The music for this dance has nuances of Middle EasternFolkloric, Indian Classical as well as Latino flavour.

“When I first tried ATS® I was only into Bellydancing and didn’t know much about this dance style. I felt hypnotized watching woman dancing so powerfully together without any choreography. When I tried by myself I felt empowered and it was really impactful on my feminine energy…so much that I have the desire to give this feeling to other women as well.”

What Type of Workout Will One Get From American Tribal Style Belly-Dancing?

ATS® is a gentle full-body workout which is very beneficial to your posture and for building strength and consciousness in your body. Slow and fast steps will activate your Chakras and make you feel energized and more balanced after the workout. Improvising with the steps you learn in class will help you to disconnect from daily life and make you feel more present in the moment.

Where & When Can One Take a Class in American Tribal Style Belly-Dancing?

Isabelle teaches three times a week in a Studio at Bugis Cube in Singapore. Take your chance to experience this brand new dance workout on the following days:

Registration is via e-mail: [email protected]

More information you can also find under “Shakti Fusion Dances’” on Facebook