The return of our iconic festival SOULSCAPE is upon us and we’re giving you the scoop on what to expect! In the coming weeks, we’ll be chatting with SOULSCAPE’s talented instructors on what to look forward to from their upcoming sessions in September. If you haven’t already, check out our interview with Master Saumik Bera and Cristi Christensen. Additionally, find out some ways to get prepped for SOULSCAPE.

Exclusive: Get Acquainted with AcroYoga and Marc Bauchet at SOULSCAPE

This week, we’re talking to Marc Bauchet, who has travelled the world teaching AcroYoga, Tulayoga and Thai massage. With SOULSCAPE, Marc plans to introduce the foundation of a safe & fun AcroYoga practice. AcroYoga blends elements of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai-yoga massage, it takes partner yoga in the air, makes you feel like kids, and gives you a powerful and balanced workout in partnership. Marc will also be helming a fun and exciting kids workshop. Read on to find out what Marc has in store.

Share with us what you have planned for your session at SOULSCAPE?

AcroYoga goodness… which is a blend of Yoga, Acrobatics, and healing arts. From Yoga and thai massage we draw compassion, healing and the wisdom to grow a sustainable practice. From acrobatics we draw techniques that build power, technical skills, both for solo practices such as inversions like handstands, as well as for partner practice.  With a partner we base and fly, bringing us back the playful and open-minded spirit of childhood… and at the same time we grow in power and skill.  I have plans for moves that are adapted to beginners, and which have variants that will also give advanced people interesting challenges to fuel their practice. There will also be a kids session, i am ready to ride on that super energetic wave and channel it through fun partner acrobatic games and pyramids, which can also show them the power of team work and how to take care of each other.

Exclusive: Get Acquainted with AcroYoga and Marc Bauchet at SOULSCAPE

What other types of classes/workshops do you teach?

I travel, mostly among  Europe, Asia and Australia, teaching AcroYoga and thai massage. I offer single workshops as well as 5-day retreats, which are called immersions and are a powerful way to grow in the practice with a fun and supportive group.  I have visited Singapore regularly in the past 5 years, to offer workshops and private sessions and i am happy to keep doing it this year!

Is there anything special that our participants can expect at your session at SOULSCAPE?

AcroYoga is always special because when people connect through touch and movement, new dances can be born.  Every time i practice or teach it, some new “things” pop up, whether it’s a physical trick or learning step, or an emotional or personal discovery. Participants can expect to learn some of the physical foundations of AcroYoga, safety procedures and new movements for the seasoned practitioners.. and within this safe structure, there will be opportunities to jazz and find out new superpowers you didn’t know you had.

Exclusive: Get Acquainted with AcroYoga and Marc Bauchet at SOULSCAPE

What is it that you love most about what you’re teaching?

The constant renewal and discoveries never makes it boring.  I love to teach a practice that at the same time empowers people, makes them realize their potential, and also inspires humility and compassion through working in direct connection with others.  The physical side of the practice is limitless, because it feeds from yoga, dance, acrobatics and any modalities that connect humans.  At the same time we are also tapping into the wisdom of yoga to also make an inward journey of healing and personal discovery… therefore as the teacher i love coming with an open mind to keep learning and exploring along with the participants.

Name 1 thing that you are looking forward to most at the festival?

Last year i enjoyed having a classroom with no walls, sand under my feet, and the sea breeze in my hair… inspiring freedom and expansion. This helped make the participants playful and energized.. Yet at the same time i was impressed by the level of focus and compassion, which helped to make the space safe and supportive.  Along the same line, the organizers did their best to balance being in control and giving freedom, making it a safe and powerful experience for all.  I am looking forward to enjoy this balance!

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