9 Steps to Beat Your Sweat Bumps For Good!

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9 Steps to Beat Your Sweat Bumps For Good! – There are some pesky little bumps that appear on your body whenever you sweat a lot—especially when exercising. For quite some time now, you have been ignoring them however you would like to maintain flawless skin. You do not want to neglect your workouts, so you will have to find an alternative. What you may need to do is alter your routine—whether skincare, exercise or both.

There are several causes of sweat bumps. Sweating in and of itself is not bad for you, neither are the bumps dangerous, but they itch or burn like hell. They are usually found on skin surfaces with the most sweat glands present, like the forehead, chest and legs. Most commonly they appear on the abdomen, armpits, back, groin, face, and neck because they have constant skin to skin contact or friction against clothing. These areas also tend to retain moisture, damaging surface cells, causing them to trap moisture beneath the skin’s surface. Sweating causes your skin to produce oils that mix with dead skin cells and possibly even bacteria. This can cause blockages in the pores when it builds up.

9 Steps to Beat Your Sweat Bumps For Good!

Your choice of cosmetics, sunscreen and clothing can also aggravate sweat bumps. If you get sunburnt that can contribute to your problem. The hardest factor to treat may very well be genetics. If your body’s attempts to cool your skin aren’t efficient enough, you may get these bumps.

What to do about sweat bumps?

The first thing you can do is prevent them. To do this, you can use skin care products that can assist you with this. Try to make prevention of this annoying condition a habit. Don’t worry if you slip up or forget to follow a tip, don’t stop trying until you have followed all the tips for at least 21 days non-stop.

Try not to get too hot

Avoid exercising at the hottest time of the day, if you do so outdoors. Early mornings or late evenings, when the sun isn’t bearing down on you, are the best for any form of strenuous outdoor activities. If you work out indoors, try to do so in a cool room or with the air conditioning on. This will help to lessen the amount of sweat on your skin at a given time.

Keep your skin clean

Especially when you know that you will be perspiring a lot throughout the day should you endeavour to keep your skin clean. Don’t just focus on cleaning your skin after your workout or other strenuous activity, but cleanse skin, especially in the areas that are most susceptible to sweat bumps, before you start sweating. Keep an application of makeup light, and if it is possible, avoid using makeup altogether when you will sweat a lot.

The skin around the affected areas can be cleaned with a mild antibacterial soap before exercising and as soon as possible when you are through. This helps to lessen the build-up that will result from your workout and the time it stays in contact with your skin.

Keep sun exposure to a minimum

Sunburns can give you sweat bumps. Sunburns are uncomfortable, and also risk your health and appearance. Try to do your workouts in the early morning or late evening hours when it is cooler and you will produce less sweat. For those times when you must be exposed to the sun use a light sunscreen that won’t clog your pores.

Wear appropriate clothing

Clothes that are silky and sweat absorbent are best to prevent sweat bumps. Be sure to remove your sweaty clothes as soon as you finish exercising even if you won’t get to shower.

Keep sweat bump prone areas dry

You may use a towel to gently pat your skin to remove excess sweat. Don’t rub the area though as friction irritates your pores and will make the problem worse.

Eat right

The number of toxins and the acidity of your sweat is contributed to by your diet. Endeavor to avoid artificial hormones and sugars, along with excess salt. Fish oil supplements can help to prevent sweat bumps.

Don’t scratch

Try not to scratch the bumps. Scratching will only make the irritation worse. Bursting them releases sweat that stings or burns the surrounding skin and may introduce bacteria that results in infection.

Spice up your skincare

The 123FRÉ SKINCARE SET is a definite must in your fight against sweat bumps. Be sure to massage these products into the skin for an added treat.

Step 1: “Protect Me” is great to protect you from sunburns. It is ultra-light with SPF 30 and does not clog pores or irritate your eyes when you sweat. It is water resistant to offer you protection from sweating while still keeping your skin moisturized.

After your workout, the Step 2: “Purify Me” is guaranteed to clean, soothe and hydrate your skin, restoring the gentle pH balance of your skin to reduce irritation and prevent sweat bumps.

Then Step 3: “Revive Me” will maintain your skin’s healthy appearance. Its hypoallergenic formula will not contribute to your sweat bumps.

With proper diet and skin care, you can be sweat bump free without sacrificing your workout.