7 Simple Yoga Practices to Boost Your Morning

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Remember those mornings when you just get grumpy and didn’t know why? Maybe it’s because you had little sleep, or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Without you knowing, the day quickly transformed into a bad, disastrous event. SOULSCAPE wants to help you totally and completely rid your life of those! To do that, we have put together a short list of 7 simple yoga practices to include in your daily morning routine – many of which will surprise you! 

Being a yogi is not just about flexibility and perfect poses. It’s also about enriching your inner self with discipline and positive energy. No wonder yogis are full of life! They often yoga practices to start a perfect morning. You can, too! All you have to do is adopt these 7 routines into your waking hours. Don’t worry, we guarantee that they are easy to follow!

Yoga practices for a good morning

Some people say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I say: greet each morning with a daily yoga routine keeps the sun shining and the energy glowing. (Yeah, I made that up, but you get the point!). To start each day off on the right foot, you need only these simple 7 splendid yoga practices:

7 Simple Yoga Practices to Boost Your Morning
  1. Smile – Seriously. Smiling makes everyone feel good! Starting your morning with a big, wide smile can boost your happiness. Really, it can! Even if you don’t feel like smiling, still do your best to smile in front of a mirror. Why? Scientists have found that regardless of one’s inner emotional state, the act of smiling increasing a person’s happiness. Inspiring a smile also works best with your favourite yoga pose. So, strike a pose and give it your best smile! I know it might seem a bit crazy, but just give it a try! Look in front of the mirror and see what I’m talking about!
  2. Meditate – you know why a lot of articles continue to be published on the topic of why one should take time to meditate? Because meditation is good stuff. No. Let me try that again. Meditation is really, really good stuff! Among other benefits, it is also connected to happiness. In fact, experts conclude that meditation is key to long term happiness. The act of meditation enables one to move forward in positive directions. Through meditation, one reconnects with both their mind & body. This is the result of shutting one’s self down to any outside distractions. SOULSCAPE believes morning is the ideal time of day to meditate. Here is why. By meditating in the morning one readies their mind to open, fluid, sharp and effortlessly aligned with their emotions. This makes one more than ready to take on a busy day. 
  3. Kapalabhati or breath of fire – encountering unexpected negative emotions during mornings is especially hard to shake off. However, with the help of Kapalabhati or what we call: shining intellect, you can both energize and warm your body and mind. SOULSCAPE likes to integrate Kapalabhati as part of a regular morning routine because, along with purifying one’s emotional landscape, it helps tone the abdominal muscles and improves digestion. It takes just 15 minutes a day: sit in a comfortable crossed-leg position. Inhale slowly and exhale with force. As you get used to the rhythm, incorporate the movement of your belly: contract your belly as you exhale and release the when inhaling. See how it fires you with energy?
  4. Positive visualizations – another incredibly effective tool is visualization. Have you ever heard the saying,”What you see is what you get.” Well, it’s true. Olympic athletes train using visualization because it measurably enhances their performance.  You can use it in the same way by mindfully getting rid of your worries, negative feelings, and thoughts before they manifest into reality. Instead, visually imagine events, emotions and situations you desire to unfold. Anticipating that it will really happen summons upbeat emotions to take centre stage. To begin start simple: imagine yourself in a happy place doing what you most enjoy. Expand the imagination of your sensory reception, smell, feel and hear every detail you can recall from your memory. See how your mood changed?
  5. Gratitude –  when one is habitually mindful, they are aware of their surroundings and everything associated with their surroundings. The art of practising mindfulness enables one to give gratitude to everything given to them – in particular, the simple things.  Acknowledging that “I am thankful for good health this morning” or “I feel joy knowing my dog was here to greeted me on this day” is a way of thinking. How one thinks shapes how one sees. When done regularly, being aware of what one has rather than what one is missing expands their sense of contentment and creates more space for more things to be happy for.   
  6. Asana power poses – a content body and mind give one more energy to exude however they wish. SOULSCAPE encourages to focus that extra energy to boost your power throughout your day by practising your favourite Asana power poses! The power poses help one fine tune their confidence and self-esteem, by literally expressing it using physical strength. This is a vital and vibrant exercise that prepares one for the busiest and brightest of days. 
  7. Mindful eating – being mindful of what one eats is enhanced when the act of consuming food is exchanged for savouring each flavour from within each bite. This will automatically translate into joy, and we all know that breakfast while feeling happy and positive is a  key ingredient for sustaining a good mood. Eating mindfully is begins by appreciating the food at the table.

Are we right or are we right? These exercises could not be more simple! They take little time to no time to do and as long as you follow these yoga routines, you will always have a good day ahead of you. As one good day unfolds next to another, enriching, nourishing, strengthening, uplifting your overall, the long term result for this routine is truly priceless.