Because it ain’t so sweet..

We know that sugar does not contribute in any way towards our better health, especially refined and processed sugars. These come under many guises including brown sugar, cane sugar, dextrose, sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup.

Sugar, in one of its forms form, is added to many of our foods, so we usually consume more than we think. To reduce sugar intake, get familiar with the terms and ingredient labels, and how to get your sweetness from better natural sources.

50 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Should you require further convincing on reasons to avoid the refined ‘white stuff’, browse through some of the potential harm done to our minds and body:

1. Sugar is addictive

2. It is high in calories

3. It contributes to weight gain and obesity

4. Abuse of sugar results in Type II diabetes

5. Sugar affects blood sugar levels, causing a surge in energy

6. Then comes a crash – the highs and lows of addiction

7.We become insulin resistant, so our pancreas has to work harder

8. This affects other hormones, specifically adrenaline

9. Leading to adrenal stress and fatigue

10. Too much sugar makes us feel lethargic

11.Consuming sugar only temporarily satisfies a craving

12. Sugar addiction causes us to eat many processed foods

13. It is ‘empty calories’ – devoid of nutrients

14. Affects our immunity

15. Sugar in implicated in hyperactivity and ADHD

16.It causes tooth decay

17.Drinking sugar sodas means we drink less H20, increasing dehydration

18.Results in chromium deficiency, required for our metabolism

19. Affects absorption of calcium and Magnesium

20.Osteoporosis and bone disease

21.Impacts collagen and elasticity of skin

22. Leading to facial wrinkles & premature aging

23. Reduced good cholesterol (HDL), increase triglycerides, elevates harmful cholesterol (LDL)

24. Therefore implicated in cardiovascular disease

25. Overloads liver, leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

50 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

26. Sugar addiction and lead to alcoholism

27. Promotes over eating, or binge eating

28. Affects our body confidence and self esteem

29. Feeds candida (fungal infections)

30. Increases fluid retention and dehydration

31.Leading to hemorrhoids and varicose veins

32.Causes acidic imbalance

33. Affects stomach acid – HCL

34. Puts strain on our kidneys and Gallbladder

35. Headaches and migraines

36. Learning difficulties

37. Alzheimers and other brain illness

38. Raises serotonin, and abuse can lead to depression

39. Eczema and other skin disorders

40. Affects Pregnancy health, eg toxemia

41.Raises level of serotonin

42.Implicated in cancer, due to affect on metabolism

43. Releases dopamine (feel good factor) in brain, therefore addictive

44. Claimed to be as addictive as cocaine

45. Increases abdominal fat, risk of heart disease

46. Miss out on great healthy sweet alternatives

47.Leads to artificial sugar consumption, which is no better

48. Feeding a sugar habit costs money

49. Feeding a sugar habit costs you your health

And finally…you’re sweet enough!

50 Reasons to Avoid Sugar


Reducing the amount of refined sugar in our diet, whatever level we currently consume, can only benefit our health now and in the future. Decide what approach works best for you – one step at a time, or a ‘cold-turkey’ approach* The immediate benefits alone are more energy, better focus, better skin, and a slimmer waist. What more of an incentive do we need?

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