By Karen Aroney

Considering the lifestyle we live and high levels of stress we deal with daily, many of us are trying to find ways for a healthy mind and body. Whether you are a housewife, working professional or a business executive, remaining fit is a mantra of a healthy and happy life.

Here are 5 ways to bring out the New You in 2016 that will propel you to transform your eating habits and lead you to living a better quality of life.

1. Make A Tasty Treat Out of Healthy Foods

We commonly label healthy foods as boring, even though they are packed with a whole lot of goodness and nutrients. We all understand the challenge of having to maintain a healthy diet. For instance, having salads for a couple of days may not seem like a big deal, but try to have it for the rest of your life, and you’ll soon give up to high sugar and carb treats that are not only easily accessible, but are also often a lot cheaper. How can we tackle this? By getting creative and experimental with different yet healthy additions to your meals such as herbs, spices, lemon and light sauces. There’s a dual advantage here – Make your meal far tastier, while adding a good dose of nutrients to your diet.

5 Ways To Bring Out The New You In 2016

2. Eat Less of Processed Food

Although processed food may appear tempting and readily available, it will only temporarily satisfy your hunger pangs, whilst being devoid of nutrients and are yet high in empty calories. Try to swap these to wholesome foods. For example, white bread that has been part of our daily breakfast can be replaced with whole wheat bread. Similarly, we can start using brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and whole grain cereals in our main meals. However, for lasting effects, let these swaps take place bit by bit. A simple switch from processed to whole grain food can do wonders in your life.

3. Keep A Diary Of What You Eat

It is difficult to develop a healthy routine in the new year, if you have no idea what you are consuming. It is easy to indulge in impulsive or mindless eating. Think of the times you have eaten your meals in front of your laptop or smartphone. What did you eat, and how much? We must understand that mindful eating means paying attention to more than just the taste of the food. Eating mindfully uses all your senses to smell, see, and feel food, and to then stop eating once you are full. Keep a written diary with pictures of what you eat and go through everyday. You may be shocked as to what you have been eating and the amount of it. You are then more prepared to correct what you believe may be sabotaging your efforts to succeed in reaching the new you this year. For more tips on how to keep poor eating habits from sabotaging your health read this post.

5 Ways To Bring Out The New You In 2016

4. Eat Your Meals Regularly

In order to meet deadlines and attend client meetings, executives and professionals tend to miss a meal or two in the day, but this can lead to binge eating later in the night. Nothing is more detrimental to your body than skipping meals since our metabolism works in a rhythm that can work against us if disrupted. The best way is to keep a ready stock of dry fruits like nuts, raisins, and cashew nuts in your desk, and munch them as and when you are unable to get a proper meal. For some people, having six small meals in a day in place of three large ones, allows them to fuel regularly and not overeat.

5. Read And Understand Food Labels

Get into the habit of reading packaged food labels of items you buy from a grocery store and compare it with other brands. Select the one that offers higher nutritional values. Keep a check on the portion of each serving you intake. Review your food diary and check if you are on track for the new you. It may take a while to identify the right brand but it will be worth the time spent. If you’re unsure, have a look at this post on how to can avoid making common grocery shopping mistakes!

It is very difficult to change old habits; however, it is also true that perseverance and patience pays at the end. So go ahead and give yourself a new life in 2016 by changing your mindset a little and applying all of the quick tips we’ve shared with you.