5 Tips for Happiness Now from Reza Gunawan

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Happiness is an elusive emotion that everyone is chasing. Yet, it does not take much to quickly and easily be happy. Shahnaz Soehartono speaks with Reza Gunawan on the five ways you can do so.

If you try to search the word ‘happiness’ online, you will see that its definition is a mental or emotional state of well-being, defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may also reflect judgments by a person about their overall well-being. Hence, happiness lies in your own hand whether you choose to be happy or to be sad.

Reza Gunawan, a well-known holistic health practitioner from Jakarta shares give tips to quickly create a state of happiness in our daily life.

5 Tips for Happiness Now from Reza Gunawan

Feeling unhappy is natural and often an unavoidable part of living. This is a wisdom that we need to constantly remind ourselves of, based on the reality that life never promises constant joy or permanent happiness. Life, just like nature, has its seasons and rhythms, and we can make room for chaos in our life. When unhappiness comes, we can welcome it with more ease, while also remembering that it is impermanent and will pass in time, just like happy feelings are also impermanent.

Avoid positive thinking when unhappy, and instead learn to being skillfully unhappy. Rather than escaping into false positivity to feel better, learn to acknowledge and accept our unpleasant moods. Be honest with ourselves, rather than rejecting the negative, and it will bring more clarity and healing. Learn mindfulness practices and sitting still, so that we can develop the mental muscles of clarity and wisdom to navigate the ever changing nature of our moods.

Get enough sleep at the right time. We often forget that sleep is not only a means for physical restoration, but also a process of mental and emotional regulation. Based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, healthy sleep practice includes starting sleep at no later than 10pm because our internal organ rhythm relies on sleep between 10pm and 3am to recharge. So besides the total hours of sleep that is essential, it is also important to get that sleep in the right time window. You can sleep around seven to nine hours as long it includes the 10pm to 3am time frame.

Find some physical exercise that you love doing, and do it in the morning. The more I consider it, the more I believe that the best exercise is not what offers us the most cardiovascular, body shaping or weight loss benefits—it is the one that we love doing the most, regardless of the post workout results. The exciting challenge is finding an exercise that we love doing. Exercising in the morning before 10am will also bring additional benefits of sunshine, fresh air and body rhythm regulation.

Practice kindness and deep listening to each other. Authentic connections with friends and family not only bring moments of joy for everyone, they also provide a healthy space for comfort and support during less happy moments. Such connections also provide meaning and personal purpose as we carefully consider our roles for each other.

Taking charge of your own happiness is the best way to be happy. Begin now, simply by following any one of Reza Gunawan’s tips, and start creating your fountain of happiness.