5 Times You Are Excused from Working Out

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5 Times You Are Excused from Working Out–It is okay to not work out every day, and there are certain times when you should give your body a rest. Here are five times that you most definitely should take a break from your daily fitness routine.

5 Times You Are Excused from Working Out

Everyone knows that exercise has great benefits for your body. For some of us, exercise is like an unspoken daily ritual that we abide to unconditionally. However, there are times when exercise can actually do more harm than good to your body. Here are five times when it is ok to skip your daily fitness routine.

When you are sick

You may find yourself debating whether you should get active or take a rest. The general rule of thumb is the ‘neck rule’, which states that exercise is usually alright if the symptoms are above the neck such as the common cold, sneezing a or a minor sore throat. Some say that light to moderate exercise can boost immunity, but according to Dr Ross Tucker, it is better to rest your body and let it fight the bug without adding on extra stress from strenuous exercise. Being sick adds stress to your body, and exercising when sick will prolong the recovery period.

Mentally Tired

Ever felt like exercising after work seems more challenging than it working out in the morning? This is because your energy levels are affected when you are mentally tired. Studies show that people feel exhausted much fasting after doing a taxing mental task, and that more people had a harder time getting through their exercise routine after a stressful day at work, compared to those who were not mentally fatigued.


This may seem like an obvious reason— you are allowed to ditch your workout when you are injured. The ‘no pain, no gain’ mantra does not apply here—putting too much strain on yourself can injure you even further, and in some cases, aggravate your injury if you push it too far. Allowing yourself to take a break is essential so that you can recuperate and recover as quickly as possible. To maintain your fitness while you are still recovering, you can tone done on the exercises or opt for alternatives such as yoga or Pilates. More importantly, always seek professional advice from your doctor to find out what is best for you.


Sometimes you have to sacrifice sleep to complete a last minute project. On such days, it is okay to skip working out and catch up on your sleep instead. Your immune system is lowered when you lack sleep, which will ultimately affect your mental performance. Studies show that you feel exhausted quicker when you are sleep deprived, due to the increase in insulin resistance and decrease in glucose tolerance.

New Mother.

It is understandable that after carrying a baby bump for the past nine months, you would like to quickly get back in shape. However, do not be too quick to get back to your exercise routine. It is typically recommended that you wait six weeks after giving birth before you work out, and even longer if you had a Caesarean section. Postpartum bleeding, otherwise known as lochia, can continue past the four-week mark, and overdoing anything can cause bleeding to increase. So cut yourself some slack, and enjoy time with your new born for now.

Exercise is great but we should not get too obsessed with it. Although it is commendable that you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you should also remember that our body has its limits. So it is always advisable to take a break from exercising when it is needed.