5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have–New to yoga poses & classes in Singapore? These yoga props will greatly help new yogi beginners.

Yoga beginners will sometimes find that some basic beginner yoga poses may be challenging to achieve, even with the guidance of a teacher within a yoga class in Singapore. The trick for easing into yoga poses is by using yoga props.

Commonly found in yoga studio classes in Singapore—as well as in studios for dance and pole dance where yoga poses are used for warm-up stretching—yoga beginners in Singapore can use these five yoga props to gradually achieve yoga poses.
5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have: Towel

A yoga towel is a great yoga prop to have, whether you are doing yoga at a studio in Singapore or at home. Not only will the yoga towel dry away perspiration worked up during the yoga class in Singapore, they double up as a top cover on yoga studio mats for the yoga beginner who is particular about hygiene. Used in this way, the yoga towel also provides a better grip over yoga studio mats that may be worn down or slippery.

Since yoga towels can shift when used on the yoga mat, opt for a yoga towel that has an elastic band on each of its four corners so that you do not have to worry about it flipping up as you get into poses on the mat. Remember, a yoga prop is supposed to help improve your practice, not cause more issues!


5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have: Yoga Block

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have

A yoga block is the yoga prop that you need for increased flexibility. The yoga prop block helps yoga beginners reach deeper into poses. The yoga prop block is especially useful for yoga beginners who have tight hamstrings or tight muscles and find it challenging to stretch into splits. This is why every yoga studio in Singapore has yoga blocks.

The most common yoga prop block that studios in Singapore use is the foam yoga block. It is soft yet sufficiently firm to provide the required support that yoga beginners need for cushioning. Foam yoga blocks are the softest yoga blocks on the market. They are also lightweight, making it portable for the traveling yoga beginner who desires to maintain their yoga practice while on the go.

As you progress from a yoga beginner to intermediate poses, you will need a sturdier and more durable yoga prop block. The cork yoga block is heavier than the foam yoga block and provides better support for its stability. The cork yoga block also provides a better grip, allowing the yoga beginner to deepen stretches and improve flexibility. More advanced yoga classes in Singapore yoga studios will carry cork yoga blocks as one of their yoga props.

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have: Strap

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have

A yoga strap will help yoga beginners to practice proper alignment of yoga poses without causing strain to the body. This yoga prop helps yoga beginners to maintain poses with comfort and ease.

Most yoga studios in Singapore have yoga straps that use knots to reduce the yoga strap length and to hold it in place. A yoga strap with a buckle is easier to adjust the length of the yoga strap, especially when it is used during a yoga in class and quick adjustments to the strap have to be made. A multi-functional yoga prop strap can also double up as a yoga mat strap—it keeps the yoga mat rolled up neatly for transportation, without the need for a yoga mat bag.


5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have: Blanket

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have

A yoga blanket is a good yoga prop for yoga beginners who require more balance in their yoga practice. A yoga prop blanket also provides a slight lift to the body during poses where the yoga beginner requires a bit more leverage to reach into.

Although most yoga studios in Singapore do not have yoga blankets as a yoga prop, it is actually a very useful yoga prop to use when in savasana pose. Yoga prop blankets are especially useful for Iyenger, restorative, and yoga therapy classes

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have: Bolster

5 Props Yoga Beginners in Singapore Should Have

A yoga bolster is what a yoga beginner needs for increased flexibility or for deeper relaxation during a yoga class in Singapore. The yoga bolster is a versatile yoga prop for softening the yoga beginner’s posture, and for achieving a relaxed yoga pose.