Women love to be fit but not all gyms are fit for Women

Visiting the gym can intimidate newcomers. This is especially true when some of us are girls who are for the first time venturing out of our comfort zone at the treadmill corner. It’s even more terrifying when walking towards the seemingly lady-less ‘weights’ section. Such an atmosphere tends to repel most women; this is a shame, considering some of us desire to start new muscle-defining workouts.

The good news is that we have noted many women-only gyms sprouting out up sunny Singapore. Many studios and gyms have begun alternate forms of training, which has boosted morale for ladies who enjoy weight training.


Singapore’s 5 Best Women-Friendly Gyms

Contours Express

5 Female-Friendly Gyms in Singapore

Due to the gym’s gender exclusivity, Contours Express holds an impressive range of fitness, catering to all sorts of physiques for females. The gym also houses circuit training, vibration training, and group classes for ladies. Contours Express’ workout programs that best complement ladies, using smaller and lighter equipment to create a womanly, toned body.

X-factor: Contours Express has outlets located conveniently in the heartlands all around the island, perfect for you to get a workout near your home!

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Amore Fitness

5 Female-Friendly Gyms in Singapore

Amore Fitness prides itself as the leading fitness gym specially designed for women: boasting a full gym of state-of-the-art equipment, including their Cardiovascular and Strength Training equipment. They also pride themselves with quality equipment for the gym’s Functional Training zone —TRX, Kettlebell, agility ladder and the battle rope, just to name a few.

X-factor: Other than their professional gym facilities and various group classes, Amore Fitness guides women through a complete wellness experience with the Amore Boutique Spa — perfect form of relaxation for the ladies.

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Lava Yoga5 Female-Friendly Gyms in Singapore

Lava Yoga is the leading Hot Yoga brand in Japan, with more than 700,000 satisfied customers. The brand specializes in a heated yoga session, but Lava also conducts a variety of other yoga lessons at your disposal. Sweat it out with the aid of professional instructors and diverse range of workout regimes.

X-factor: Lava Yoga offers yoga classes that are designed to target specific problem areas of your body, to give you the targeted practice you need for your abdominal muscles, pelvis, hips and even for anti-ageing!

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Sky Pilates

5 Female-Friendly Gyms in Singapore

Despite Sky Pilate’s unisex profile, the brand offers Xtend Barre workout classes for ladies who have suppressed their inner ballerina for too long. Xtend Barre combines dance with ballet and pilates. Inspired by ballet, the total body workout aims to sculpt the body proportionally; in addition, designed for bodies of any age or fitness background. Not forgetting about the mums, Sky dishes out quite the workout in the form of their pre- and post-natal yoga classes.

X-factor: Sky Pilates is one of the first machine-based studios in Singapore. Their group workout room contains Reformers, TRX® Suspension System, ballet barre for Xtend Barre®, and CoreAlign® machines to further your goals in pilates.

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Mom in Balance

5 Female-Friendly Gyms in Singapore

As their name suggests, Mom in Balance wants to help as many mothers as possible to feel strength and vitality. Moms in Balance workouts address the needs of all mothers through their pregnancy through post-natal workouts. All classes are held in small groups under the careful guidance of certified trainers, carried out in three locations: East Coast Park, the Botanic Gardens and Watten Parks.

X-factor: Founded by a team of enthusiastic and active mothers/trainers, you’ll be under the most capable of guidance during your classes. An added bonus of their outdoor classes is your chance to bring your children along.

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