If finding eateries that serve health vegetarian dishes in Singapore is challenging, check out the five that we have discovered.

Being vegetarian these days is not so straightforward. One can be a vegetarian by not consuming meat; vegans take it a step further by also eliminating animal products such as egg and dairy from all meals; pescatarians toe the line by including seafood with their plant-based diet.

There are different reasons why someone would choose to leave meat out from their meals. A main reason is the love of animals, and another is the numerous health benefits associated with a plant-based diet. The one thing that is universal is that it is a challenge for vegetarians to find eateries that cater to their diet option.

However, it is not impossible! These places in Singapore have heard the collective vegetarian cry, and have vegetarian options that are also gluten free.

Located in a quaint shophouse along Dalhousie Lane, Veggie Cottage Café www.veggiecottage.com serves freshly made healthy eats, including local dishes made with organic rice. Their kitchen stocks ethically sourced, non-GMO and dairy free ingredients. They accept only cash payment, so come with spare change in your wallet.

A popular destination at the Dempsey Hill enclave, there is no lack of gastronomical choices at [email protected] www.dempseyhouse.com/main/house for vegetable lovers: 40 per cent of the dishes on its menu are suitable for vegetarians or pescatarians. There are also some gluten-free options as well. There is definitely something for everyone here.

5 Cafes in Singapore Serving Healthy Vegetarian Dishes

For a good example of how fast food fixes is not always about meat and grease, check out Veganburg. Using all natural and premium ingredients, the burgers are all vegan, with gluten-free and nut-free options available too. So now you can now indulge in a guilt-free, succulent burger! Although fries are available as a side dish, there are other vegetable options such as broccoli and a salad

Western and Mediterranean style vegetarian or vegan food, anyone? Café Salivation serves up fresh bites with no added flavourings. You can also satisfy your sweet toothe with their eggless.

Here is another vegan dessert option: Cocowhip www.cocowhip.com.sg soft serve coconut ice cream. This dairy-free, gluten-free, and essentially guilt-free dessert can be enjoyed at Sarnies Café sarniescafe.com. This bio fermented dessert is a must try!

From starters to mains and dessert, there are now many options for vegetarians when eating out. With the increasing awareness about the health and environmental benefits of becoming vegetarian, we are sure that many more eateries in Singapore will soon start providing vegetarian options.