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1. Bruneus by Superlative Foods

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

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Looking to satisfy a craving, but feeling guilty about putting fattening, processed junk foods into your body? Superlative Foods brings you BRUNEUS —The Ultimate Guilt-Free Snack. Healthy snacks high in fiber and protein, made only with raw, natural, organically grown ingredients, created by Germany educated biologist turn entrepreneur, Angeline Lee.

BRUNEUS products feature raw cacao nibs made from the rarest variety of cacao: Criollo, sourced from sustainable farms in Bali, and a selection of activated nuts which have been soaked and sprouted, making them more functional and nutritious.

By activation, phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are released making them more easily digestible than raw or roasted nuts. These aromatic and flavorful cacao nibs can be enjoyed on its own, or with clusters of chia seeds, activated cashews, walnuts, or almonds. A healthy pick-me-up to get you through your day.

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

Sweet Cacao Nibs 75g ($8.90)

You can now get it at these Cedele outlets (full range of products):
1. Golden Shoe Carpark
2. Chevron House
3. 71 Robinson Road
4. Ocean Financial Centre
5. Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
6. One Raffles Quay
7. Mapletree Business City

Alternatively, find it at Naiise & Crateful!

2. Fish Sh-nacks

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

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Bringing the Knack in Snack —Fish Sh-nacks are packaged crispy fish skins accompanied by homemade east-west condiments, such as, Salted Egg Dip, Chilli Crab Dip and Mushroom Chardonnay with Truffle. Singapore’s local produce, made with air-fried Dory Fish skins, which means less oil, and more taste. Containing only 3 ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt and Fish Skin, these delectable low-calorie snacks are without any artificial colouring and flavouring. Pop-up stores occur once to twice a month, and customers are given the option to pre-order for collection on the day of the event. Otherwise, home deliveries or self-collections at your neighbouring train stations are offered as well. Delivery service is charged at $10, free delivery for orders above $100.

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

The Original Fish Skin 150g ($10)

$8 per packet for 3 packets and above

Order now via Facebook, or communicate via E-mail. Alternatively, you can send a Whatsapp/SMS to Ken (9049 9926) or Perlin (9456 6275).

3.Pili Pushers

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

5 Artisanal Snacks Worth Tasting For

Pili Pushers™ pili nuts —a superfood bursting with magnesium, containing very low carbohydrates. Its activation and dehydration technique increases nutrition content and enhances digestibility, ensuring maximum goodness. Its minerals and vitamins help boost athletic performance whilst preventing pesky cravings after workouts. Wholesome flavours include unsalted, cinnamon & raw honey, ginger & turmeric with cayenne pepper. Visit their website for more details.


4. 3 Bites Full

Handmade gourmet nougats from 3 Bites Full contains only the finest and freshest selection, of carefully sourced premium quality ingredients from all over the world with absolutely no preservatives, trans fat, gelatine, artificial flavours or colours. Believing strongly in retaining natural flavours and colours, quality is never compromised —they even roast their own nuts! Visit their website for more details.


5. The Edible Company

Sceptical about high sugar content in granola? The Edible Company ensures you get your fix without paying through your nose. Tantalising flavours include Cacao & Roselle, Coconut Gula Melaka, Maple Honey Nut and Cranberry Almond with only natural ingredients. Deliveries are arranged to your convenience at a charge of $6. Free delivery for orders above $70 and pick-ups at Alexandra Road. Visit their website for more details.