4 Reasons Why You Need to Try a New Workout

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Aly Rauff had shared with SOULSCAPE her secret to staying fit and healthy in Singapore. And now, she gives us a push as to why it is necessary to try a new workout every once in a while. Let’s see as she unravels her secret that we’ll surely make use of.

In the years since I’ve started working out, I’ve tried so many different things that I couldn’t even list them all if i wanted to. Some I’ve given only one try and others I stuck with for weeks or months. Right now, the combination of yoga and F45 (mainly for the weight training) feels absolutely perfect for me.

This has taken me years to figure out.

I know that I enjoy yoga classes but doing yoga on my own, at home, is when i enjoy it the most. And I also know that when it comes to cardio and weight training, a class will help ensure I get that shit done while doing it at home ends up with occasional skipped workouts or half ass sessions.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Try a New Workout

Like I said, it’s taken me years to figure this out for myself. I know that for many other people, they don’t go through this process of trying tons of different workouts. Not that that’s wrong. Sometimes you’re lucky on the first few tries.

But regardless of where you are, here are 4 reasons you should try something new and change up your workout plan:

  1. Teach Your Body Something New
    It may sound like a joke but many people I have met over the last few years (including myself at the start) were completely clueless and to embarrassed to ask for help with fitness. So we’d find 1 style of workout we liked and just do that over and over and over. Wonderful at the start, I’m sure, but your body will get used to it and then progress stops happening – which is usually when people tell me they’ve given up.
    It’s great to get out of that and try new things every now and then to challenge yourself, make sure your body doesn’t get too used to what you’re doing and keep improving!
  2. Prevent Injury
    When you keep doing the same thing, you also run the risk of injury. It might not and probably will not happen to the majority of people, but if you’re overworking a certain body part, that’s where the injury might just happen. Change up what you’re training and how you train it – and you might find something new that you love too!
  3. Find Something New That Works And Makes You Feel Good
    Following from the previous point. I ran for a whole year and did nothing else. I loved the app I used while running (Zombies, Run!), but not running itself. Then I started doing workout videos, which I also did not love. Eventually I started yoga (which i clearly fell in love with) found strength training and some HIIT workouts I actually enjoyed. Just cause something works, doesn’t mean you have to do only that. Change it up and you never know what you’ll find.
  4. Get Inspired In New Ways
    ​​For the longest time I was working out at home and usually alone. It worked – but to a point. Turns out going to a class and being around other people who worked out with me made me feel like I wanted to do better and try harder. It was nice to be a part of that new workout community. The feeling you get in a yoga class, an F45 class, a bootcamp class are all different! The all make me feel like I’m starting something completely new and it inspired me to do so much more.
    What’s also great is that other people in the classes I’ve attended are so inviting and encouraging. That could be something you need too – or maybe you need the opposite.This post was originally published on Aly R Fit.