Cold Pressed Juices — 3 Ways They are Better than Regular Fruit Juice

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Cold Pressed Juices—3 Ways They are Better than Regular Fruit Juice–Cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juices pack more nutrients and minerals than regular juices from Singapore fruit stalls, and we share with you the three ways this is so.

Thirst hits and plain water sounds boring—a fruit juice is a refreshing and healthy alternative but what is the healthiest option for you?

Although a glass of cold-pressed juice from a specialist juice bar can cost at least $5, while a glass of blended fruit juice from a hawker centre or food court may cost as little as $1, the cold-pressed juice is actually more nutritious.

It is in the How

We tend to place a huge focus on the ingredients that go into the juice, but neglect how the juice is made. Although the fruit and vegetable juices from regular juice stalls and cold-pressed juice bars are fresh, the nutrition levels of the juices can differ a great deal.

Cold Pressed Juices — 3 Ways They are Better than Regular Fruit Juice

The differentiating factor is how the juice is prepared.

At regular juice stalls, a centrifugal juicer is used to blend the fruits and vegetables, before separating the pulp from the juice with a mesh filter. This process creates heat from the motion of the blades and introduces air into the juice, which causes nutrients in the juice to break down from heat or oxidisation. Thus, blender juices have to be consumed within 30-minutes otherwise it has no nutritional value.

Cold-pressed juices are made exactly how they sound—the juice is extracted with pressure from a hydraulic press. It is a long process as compared to regular blending, but this method does not create any heat or oxygen—that can oxidise the fruit or vegetables—that the traditional way of blending fresh fruit and vegetable juices does. As it takes longer for extracting the juice, it is also sometimes known as slow-pressed juice.

Nutritionist and founder of Health & Vitality Pte Ltd Liza Rowan explains ‘Regular fresh juicers—through the use of highly spun blades—do apply heat, which can destroy some of the minerals and vitamins inherent in fruits and vegetables.’

Nutrient Rich

Cold-press juicing means that the cold-pressed juices retain more nutrients than regularly blended juices. Adds Rowan, ‘In addition, more fibre is retained, making cold-pressed juices more satiating and healthy.’

Most times, organic fruits and vegetables are used by those who make cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juice. After all, the aim to have a healthier version, and opting for fresh organic produce does just that.

That being said, regular fresh fruit and vegetable juices are still a healthier option than juices that are packaged in cans or cartons. Rowan assures that regular fresh juices are still able to provide the body with a boost of nutrients and can be suitable for detoxing since they contain less fibre.

Make Your Own

If you are would like to create your own cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juice at home, there are several brands of cold-pressed juicers in Singapore. The slow juicers use gentle squeezing and crushing to extract juices from fruit and vegetables. Some even come with self-cleaning technology to reduce the work required to prepare homemade juices.

Some brands that offer various models of slow juicers are HuromKuvings and Omega. They can be found in several electronic home appliance stores such as Harvey Norman and Courts, or they can be purchased online. Prices for cold-pressed slow juicers range from $300 up to $900 for a unit.

Delivery Convenience

For juice enthusiasts that prefer the ease of convenience, there are cold-pressed juice delivery companies in Singapore. They deliver your preferred cold-pressed juices straight to your doorstep, fresh from the press.

Once cold-pressed juice delivery company in Singapore is J3 Juice. Their 100 per-cent cold-pressed juices contain up to 11 types of fruits, vegetables, and berries—all organic, and clean with a fruit and vegetable wash to remove pesticides before careful extraction for balanced nutrients and enzyme intake. There is no added sugar, water or additives. Their juice packs contain six bottles so you can share with family or colleagues. Prices begin from $46.90 per pack and make a great companion to any nutrition plan.