3 Healthy Versions of Your Favourite Cocktails

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More commonly referred to as mocktails, our own mixologist shows you three healthy versions of popular cocktails that definitely fit within your nutrition and diet plans.

Living healthy can be challenging, especially when your friends keep bugging you to hang out with a couple of after work cocktails. Besides pure spirits and some types of wine, most cocktails and alcoholic beverages are big on calories—grenadine, flavour syrups, and soft drink mixers all pack a high level of calories. Not only that, it takes time for the body to breakdown alcohol, which impedes your mind clarity.

The good news is that you can continue to enjoy cocktails in your healthy lifestyle. With a splash of creativity on substituting ingredients, and a little guidance from our resident mixologist aka yours truly, you too can gel with your peers without huge dietary concerns.

3 Healthy Versions of Your Favourite Cocktails

The ingredient combinations in these healthier cocktails were chosen to provide you with a well-balanced combination of interesting flavours and nutrients to keep you on the right track.

Virgin Mojito

This is one of the simplest cocktails that can easily be transformed into a mocktail. Different bars have different recipes for a mojito, but you can mainly expect the mix to include rum, soda water or sprite, mint leaves, and lots of lime. Traditionally, a mojito also includes one or two brown sugar cubes to complement the rum, but what happens if you take both of those away?

Removing components from a cocktail is usually frowned on. Logically, taking away more ingredients would decrease the flavour—the mojito does not quite follow this rule. Considering that rum is the sweetest among all spirits, sugar complements it, which leaves both expendable if either one is removed.

The mix of freshly squeezed lime juice and mint leaves are essentially the defining tastes of this cocktail, and that will not change in the absence of rum and sugar. In fact, the taste becomes amplified in the end result.

On its own, lime juice improves digestion, skin, respiration and many other bodily functions. Having lime juice with fresh mint leaves and soda water only amps up the taste of a Virgin Mojito. The best part about this mocktail is its simple recipe—a great DIY option for aspiring bartenders.

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

You will definitely have heard of the martini in many movies, especially where James Bond is present. The martini’s international popularity is a result of compensating its not-so-impressive volume with its high alcoholic content and interesting flavours in an elegant glass. Adding chocolate raspberry in makes the drink friendlier and fun.

The Chocolate Raspberry Martini might sound deceivingly decadent, but you will only need a tablespoon of cacao for the chocolate part. Other ingredients required to complete this drink are a few ice cubes, water, quarter tablespoon of fresh coconut milk, and a chilled raspberry. If you still desire more sweetness, use coconut nectar.

Cranberry Ginger Spritzer

This mocktail serves as a fantastic starting point for anyone, considering that it consists of only three ingredients, and delivers only 15 calories. The tricky part is getting fresh ginger juice. You only require half a teaspoon of it, and mix it with 113 grams of cranberry juice and 85 grams of club soda with lemon. The cranberry juice, club soda, and lemon counter the strong punch that ginger juice gives. However, this is worth it as ginger eases nausea, indigestion, and motion sickness.

Although these mocktails were not crafted specifically for weight loss, the lower sugar content makes them a healthier choice from conventional cocktails. Just remember that you will still have a refreshing drink in your hand, without adding unnecessary calories into your body.

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