25 Trendy Lifestyle Items Every Fitness Fan Needs

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The Great Singapore Sale is great for snagging lifestyle items that will delight any active and fit individual.

You probably waited a few months for the Great Singapore Sale to begin, so that you can get the best deals on some items you have been eyeing. This is actually a good opportunity to snag items to complement your active lifestyle. Here are 25 trendy items for the fitness fan, so go ahead and spoil yourselves!

25 Trendy Lifestyle Items Every Fitness Fan Needs


The brand of the moment may change, but baseball caps do not really go out of style. The visor protects your face from the sun and literally keeps you cool as you stay stylish.

Besides instantly adding colour to your hair, headbands help to keep hair away from your face. Those of more absorbent material also double up by absorbing perspiration from the forehead and top of the head.

Elastic hair ties and bobby pins are essential items for keeping hair off your face during your workouts. However, they are also very easy to lose. Time to stock up on them, and in multiple colours too!


Bomber jackets have made a comeback,thanks to Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid strutting everywhere in them. Throw a bomber jacket over your sports bra and you are ready to do your own strut down the streets.

There is always space for another sports bra or yoga leggings, especially if you are working out more than three times a week.

Rocking theathleisure trend? Completely own the look when you pair it with some casual clothes. Better yet, choose organic cotton or bamboo clothing for an eco-friendly look.

Pretty bracelets and mala necklaces not only spice up our outfits, but it also serves as a reminder for us to keep calm and live in the moment.


Music enhances our workout by lifting our spirits with its funky beats. You probably already own a good set of headphones, but it is good to have a spare one in case you forget to bring it to the gym.

Now you can easily track your workout progress with wearable technology disguised as a stylish digital watch. A quick tap and you can see the distance that you ran, your heart rate, the amount of calories burned, and more statistics. This is a great investment, especially for long distance runners.


One can never have enough shoes. Casual shoes bring you to and from fitness or yoga class in comfort and style. Many sports brands now have a range to complement their active footwear.

We all know that ‘good shoes take you to good places, but socks play an important part too. Wearing the right socks will enhancce your performance, so do invest in a good pair.

We love shoes but sometimes it can be a drag to carry them around. Flip flops make everything easier, and we can get them wet too!


With cool shoes, you would need a trendy and sturdy shoe bag to house them well.

We often bring more things than we need to the gym. A large gym bag with separate compartments will enable you to store things neatly and yet take things out without too much hassle.

Fanny packs are an in-thing now, as seen on several runways. They store many things and free up your hands.

Keep your soiled clothes separate from other items in your gym bag by putting them into a drawstring bag.


Nobody wants to smell funny after gym session. Deodorant will be your best friend to get rid of post workout stench and keep yourself smelling fresh.

There is no better time to replenish your skincare products than during the Great Singapore Sale, as there are numerous offers on these daily necessities. Use this opportunity to stock up on facial cleanser, skin moisturiser, and more.

Sunscreen is important especially for those who like to exercise outdoors. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays, and helps to provide a natural glow on your face.


Jumping rope is said to be the fastest way to burn calories. It is also a good cardio workout for days when you are too lazy to go for a run. For an extra burn, get a jump rope that has adjustable weights.

Yoga mats are great for stretching at home. They also come in handy as a stable base for HIIT for Tabata or Static workouts.

Great for injuries or to relieve tight muscles, kinesiology tape is essential for every sportsman. It is also currently cool to walk around with the colourful tapes running across your knees or ankles.

It is so important to keep ourselves hydrated, especially for active bodies. Carrying a water bottle around ensures we reach our daily intake of two litres of water a day.

towel helps us to dry off, rather than wiping our perspiration on our sleeves and staining it with sweat and dirt.

Keeping a work out diary log helps us to keep track of our workouts.

You may already have some of these items, but this is an opportune time to upgrade, replace or stock up for the future. Besides, you workout hard throughout the week, so a little shopping can do much to motivate you to continue with your fitness efforts.