Over 100 Yoga Classes at Real Yoga

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Over 100 Yoga Classes at Real Yoga–With more than 100 classes, yogis in Singapore can keep practising yoga every day. 

With over 100 yoga classes, you can keep up with your yoga practice at Real Yoga in Singapore. Whether you are a beginner yogi looking for a beginner’s yoga class, or a seasoned yoga warrior looking for more challenging yoga poses, you can always find a yoga class from over 100 available at all five outlets of Real Yoga Singapore.

Each of the over 100 yoga classes is designed specifically to aid with your needs, ranging from upper body conditioning, back bends, body opening, hip flexibility, building core strength, and pre- and post-natal strengthening.


Yoga classes offer various physical and psychological health benefits.

Over 100 Yoga Classes at Real Yoga

On the physical aspects, yoga classes are designed to eliminate chronic health problems commonly found in the joints, including the hips, knees and ankles. Yoga also strengthens the body, helps in weight reduction, improves posture, flexibility, balance, and boosts oxygen levels in the brain.

On the psychological level, attending yoga classes relieves unnecessary tension, and in the process improves self-confidence.


Yoga classes at Real Yoga Singapore are guided by instructors who are trained in India—the birth place of Yoga—and in various yoga schools in Asia. Real Yoga expert instructors also have unrivalled yoga teaching experience—during a yoga class at Real Yoga Singapore, our trained yoga instructors will help you to release anxiety within you, thus allowing you to form an internal connection with yourself.

With over 100 classes weekly, members are spoilt for choice. Real Yoga takes members’ needs and wants seriously, allowing you to decide what classes you wish to see more of.

We’ve recently launched a new class after getting feedback from ladies who wish to stay on track with their health and fitness goals. The ABT—acronym for Abs, Buttocks and Thighs—target these three specific areas. The ABT classes are conducted across all 5 Real Yoga outlets in Singapore.

For more information about classes and how to be a member, visit Real Yoga Singapore website.

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