10 Things You Need for an Outdoor Yoga Festival

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10 Things You Need for an Outdoor Yoga Festival–Tired of doing yoga at home or your usual studio? Take your practice into the great outdoors and enjoy it to the fullest with our handy survival tips!

You have just bought your ticket to your first outdoor yoga festival but you have no idea what to pack. No worries, the SOULSCAPE team draws on their experience–and they have plenty of it, having organized Singapore’s Most Iconic Mindful Movement Festival!

10 Things You Need for an Outdoor Yoga Festival

Here you have it, the 10 things everyone needs for a comfortable, exciting day at an outdoor yoga festival!

Sun Sense

There is going to be a lot of sun at an outdoor yoga festival—if you are not a fan of the sun, bring some sunblock lotion and a cap to fend off the rays. Arm yourself against dehydration with a water bottle to hydrate through the day.

Mat Savvy

Yoga sessions at an outdoor yoga festival can happen either on the grass or on the beach. This just means that there you probably have to bring your own yoga mat. Trust us, there is nothing better than doing asanas at an outdoor yoga festival on a yoga mat that you are familiar with.

Capture Memories

With a day full of activities, bring along a camera to capture every moment created at the outdoor yoga festival. Remember to juice your phone with a portable charger so you can take photos with your friends for the whole day!

Get Comfy

Aesthetics are one thing, but comfort is essential when attending an outdoor yoga festival. Pick a suitable piece of yoga or activewear to move through the range of yoga, dance, and other workshops. If you are staying for long, bring along necessities such as facial or body mist, a towel, hand fan, as well as a change of clothes if required.

Money Talks

Ensure that you have enough cash in your pocket. One usually has to recharge with food and beverages at an outdoor yoga festival. So having enough money for the day is important. Some festivals only accept cashless payment, so having a debit or credit card on your works too.

Bug Off

When it is outdoors, there is a possibility of bugs such as mosquitoes. Make yourself as comfortable as possible for your outdoor yoga festival experience with insect repellent, including natural essential oils that are effective in fending off mosquitoes and other bugs.