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Unique Active Sportswear & Yoga Leggings in Singapore

CAJUBRASIL enhances your fitness workout with original prints & styles for yoga pants, sports bras, tops, and more.

Looking for unique active wear that allows you to stand out in yoga, spin, or TRX classes? Check out CAJUBRASIL, from Brazil. Our active wear feature fun prints and colours that enhance your personal vibrant approach towards fitness.

Whether you are a yogi, a runner, someone who does crossfit, or a dancer, there is something for you from CAJUBRASIL active wear. Choose from our wide range of leggings, capris, shorts, sports bras, tanks and tops, jumpsuits, and bodysuits.

Le Eikon CajuBrasil girl standing in forest | SOULSCAPE Singapore

Our active wear is made with materials that stretch easily to fit your body’s natural curves, yet strong enough to support your active and fit lifestyle. We incorporate Supplex® and Lycra® into our designs, thus allowing your skin to breathe from the fast-drying technology. The material is also crease resistant, anti-pilling, and durable.

Every single piece is made in Brazil, and we are also environmentally responsible —materials that can be recycled are separated from waste, and the collected materials are reused for craft work.

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CAJUBRASIL provides the active wear fashion market with cutting-edge technology, style and quality that functions at the same level of flexibility and strength as your fitness workouts. Eikōn is the only activewear retailer stocking Cajubrasil in Singapore. Purchase your personal CAJUBRASIL active wear outfit from Eikōn now.


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