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Theresa Shan

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Theresa is the engine of the company. She keeps the wheels turning. She is also our resident yoga teacher, and takes care of design and the website.

Theresa comes from a Film and Television background. Having worked as a Assistant Director and Assistant Producer in Amsterdam and Singapore. She worked on several commercials, dramas and TV Shows including 80’s Rewind, The Yang Sisters, Fighting Spiders, as well as the 3D animated series Clone Wars at Lucas Films Animation Singapore.

She discovered yoga in 2008 and decided to leave the Film & Television world in 2011, when she started her own brand of yoga products MADANA Yoga and started teaching full time. She is trained in a wide array of yoga forms such as, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot, Universal and Pre-Natal to name a few. She still teaches part time at studios and gyms across the island. And she is our resident go to Yoga Instructor for events.

At SOULSCAPE she keeps the wheels turning. She is in charge of creative aspects of the business, and she also manages and oversees the event production for client and SOULSCAPE events.