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How to book the Ultimate Escape with Soulscape

With all the bustle and hustle of city living, stress has become a common thing. Stress is no one’s best friend, yet it’s becoming everyone’s most seen face daily. Can you recall the last time you could breathe to your fullest? How about the time you had free time to …

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Yoga for the Heart through Community Kirtan by Yoga Mala

A weekend event for your body and soul. Join Yoga Mala this Sunday for the Mantra Chanting & Kirtan event. Happening this Sunday, May 28, 2017 in the afternoon at 3:30 PM is the Mantra Chanting and Kirtan hosted by Yoga Mala. This is a free admission event that aims …

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Five Yoga Poses To Do on your Pre-Travel hours

You just booked a flight to travel. It is an exciting trip that you’ve been looking for. You plan out everything and ready for the flight. But there’s one thing that you might forget before leaving for the flight- the exciting journey overshadows the cramped seat that you’re going to …

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Five Animal Yoga Classes That You Can Try With Your Pet

Check out these five animal yoga trends that have humans and their furry friends doing asana side by side for mutual benefit. Many yoga poses are named after animals. Although animals may have been the inspiration for many of the asana and vinyasa sequences in yoga, many people around the …

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Erica Tenggara Boat Navasana yoga pose 1200x600 | SOULSCAPE Singapore

5 Yoga Poses to get a Victoria’s Secret Body

Most women dream of strutting with confidence like a Victoria’s Secret Angel on the catwalk—we show you five yoga asanas that will have you toned, strong, and fit with a Victoria’s Secret Body. Add these poses into your regular yoga practice for overall strength and conditioning. Hold each pose for five to …

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All the Fun of Silent Yoga at iLight 2017 Marina Bay Singapore

Weren’t able to be part of Silent Yoga at iLight 2017 in the Marina Bay City Gallery, Singapore? Here’s what you missed! There’re still chances for you to join us at our next sessions on March 18, 19, 25, and 26. Sign up here!

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Asian woman at laptop looking happy 1200x600 | SOULSCAPE Singapore


Women can have a business career & enjoy life. Our co-founder Theresa shares how she balances her three passions—running two businesses and teaching yoga. I feel very blessed to be women in our current society. Women have more influence than ever before. We have equal rights, are earning the same as our …

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Transformational Yoga Book cover | SOULCSAPE Singapore

Review: Transformational Yoga Book

Use yoga to transform your life on the physical health, energetic, and spiritual levels with this book. We hardly think of yoga as transformational. But do you know that in the The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a prominent compilation of texts about various yoga traditions, regular practice of yoga will …

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5 Fitness Tips to Keep Fit on Your Hong Kong Staycation

Stay fit & healthy even when you are on a staycation in Hong Kong —we show you how! Staycations in Hong Kong are the perfect way to have a mini vacation without leaving! It may be a staycation in Hong Kong but it is not a reason to ditch fitness and ignore …

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SOULSCAPE Silent Yoga at iLight Marina Bay 2017 | SOULSCAPE Singapore

SOULSCAPE Debuts Silent Yoga at iLight Festival 2017

Do yoga at the sustainable light art festival at Marina Bay with wireless headphones! Have you ever done yoga with headphones? Here’s your chance to do so! SOULSCAPE, together with Silent Disco, are bringing Silent Yoga to the iLight Festival this year. Sessions will be held at the Marina Bay …

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