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Guide To Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, get more toned for swimsuit season, or just trying to improve on your fitness levels, setting goals for yourself are important to keep you on track. Here is a guide to setting realistic fitness goals for yourself! Before setting yourself on a …

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How to Get a Bikini Body Fast in 2 Easy Steps

Getting a bikini body, get in shape, flat belly, get a hot body FAST. There are almost 12 million searches on this topic. Clearly, everyone wants to look good but many want to look good FAST, QUICKLY, and EASILY. FIT and STRONG is the new SEXY. Yup, females with defined abs, …

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Make Running in Hong Kong a Habit with 8 Performance Runners Tips

Running does not have to be a challenge for a beginner runner even in Hong Kong. With 8 easy tips, you will quickly and effortlessly make running a habit. Running is starting to gain pooularity in Hong Kong with events popping up almost every weekend – especially in cooler months, …

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Team SOULSCAPE with True Fitness Piloxing instructor Angie at Cotton On Suntec City | SOULSCAPE Singapore

Cotton On Piloxing session, Suntec City, Feb 16, 2017


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FAMA Singapore

30-minute QuickFit workout at FaMA Singapore

Get your fast, effective HIIT functional training exercises during lunch at Fitness and Martial Arts. Busy working professionals can now slot in a quick 30-minute lunch time workout at FaMA or Fitness and Martial Arts. Their QuickFit combines HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training with functional bodyweight training exercises for …

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Build Abs Core Strength With Pilates 100—21 Days New You Challenge #8

Sculpt & tone strong abs with core exercises like Pilates 100. Quick, easy, effective & can be done in 5-minutes. Guaranteed to flatten the tummy! Core Focus Give your abs & core some love with our favourite Pilates move, the 100. The Pilates 100 is a simple exercise that targets …

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Week 2 Jan 12- 18 event

Soul Now—Events in Singapore from Jan 12-18

Our editor picks the yoga & fitness happenings on our little red dot from January 12-18. Say hello if you see her! In a flash, the first two weeks of 2017 are almost over. It’s still not too late to set your intentions for 2017 through meditative yoga, especially if …

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Side plank | SOULSCAPE Asia

Get Fit & Lose Fat with 5 Easy & Effective Exercises After a Holiday

Work off fat quickly, post Christmas & New Year’s, with these fitness exercises that use your own body resistance weight. So you overdid the feasting during the Christmas and New Year’s eve festivities, you’re guilty about skipping your regular fitness workout routine, and would like to lose the weight you’ve piled …

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Soul Now—Events in Singapore from Jan 05 -11

Our editor picks the yoga & fitness happenings on our little red dot from January 05-11, 2017. Say hello if you see her! It’s the first weekend of the new year 2017, and we’re easing everyone back in to your fitness routine with a whole selection of yoga workshops, classes …

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SOUL NOW December 22-28, 2016 | SOULSCAPE Asia

Soul Now—Events in Singapore from Dec 22-28

Our editor picks the yoga & fitness happenings on our little red dot from December 22-28. Say hello if you see her! Other than the usual mall celebrations for Christmas, this seems to be a quiet week for yoga and fitness events in Singapore. I guess everyone’s busy getting ready …

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