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5 Food Habits To Reduce Your Monthly PMS Symptoms

Are you suffering from the monthly pains and discomfort that usually comes before your menstruation? Check out these tips to relieve you from PMS in a natural way. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is common to 85% of women. The horrors of it can occur as early as 2 weeks before your menstruation. …

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Focus Pilates Celebrates Mother’s Day

This May, Focus Pilates invite all mums to enjoy a complimentary 45-minute Trial Pilates class and experience the benefits of Pilates. Simply, mention “Soulscape” at the time of booking. To book your place, please contact our studios on 6733 8785 (Orchard Road), 6235 3938 (Raffles Place), or email info@focuspilates.com.sg. Terms …

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Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017 Announces Shortlist

The race for Asia’s best in fitness and wellness gets closer to the finish line. Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017 is a prestigious awards ceremony that honours Asia’s best for their dedication in the fitness and wellness industry. There are four major categories of awards: Brands, Individual, Fitness Facilities, and …

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Powerful & Radiantly Feminine—for Ladies

This preview is a requirement to attend our Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies. Check the dates here. There is a mysterious force that has us looking at a woman and saying “Whatever she’s having… I want that”. It has nothing to do the clothes she wears or the …

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Do This 1 Thing for Instant Happiness—21 Days New You Challenge #21

Get happy quickly & easily with 1 simple yoga pose—the hugasana! Go hug it out now! Did you know that there’s a yoga pose that has been scientifically proven to boost mood, release endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, relaxes muscles, and improves your relationship with others? It’s called Hugasana! It may not …

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Elizabeth Lazan new year wishes | SOULSCAPE Singapore

2017 Year of the Rooster Wishes from Liz Lazan & Jessamyn Stanley

What do FLY Entertainment artiste Liz Lazan, and yoga instructor & body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley wish for SOULSCAPE readers in 2017 Chinese New Year?

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Drink water to lose weight

Lose Weight by Drinking Water—21 Days New You Challenge #2

It’s no secret! Drinking water helps with losing weight & sensible weight loss goals. Find out how it works! WATER CAUSES WEIGHT LOSS Technically, water isn’t directly related to weight loss. But drinking more water indirectly supports weight loss goals. Water flushes out toxins in the body, reduces bloating, and …

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Fitness Challenge

The Secret to Setting Fitness Goals—21 Days New You Challenge #1

Want to achieve your fitness goal New Year’s Resolution? We share the key secret. WHAT IS REALISTIC? Most people give up on their fitness New Year’s Resolution even before January is over. Make yours stick by setting realistic fitness goals. These means fitness goals that are attainable, given your current …

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21 Days to a New You Fitness Wellness 2017 | SOULSCAPE Asia

21 Days to a New You

Forget about month-long workout plans or diet changes! Get ready to #yoga stretch, get lean, get #fit, and get strong. We give you 1 bite size change a day that is guaranteed to transform your life, fitness and well-being for the long run. We kick everything off on January 3, 2017 with a very …

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Your 2017 Strategy to Remove Bloating in Your Life

5 natural & effective ways to reduce stomach bloating, including using natural supplements. Overeating is a part of the festive season, which goes on for a good part of December and carries over into January as well. From heavy meals and too much alcohol, to the stress of insufficient sleep …

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