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Do This 1 Thing for Instant Happiness—21 Days New You Challenge #21

Get happy quickly & easily with 1 simple yoga pose—the hugasana! Go hug it out now! Did you know that there’s a yoga pose that has been scientifically proven to boost mood, release endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, relaxes muscles, and improves your relationship with others? It’s called Hugasana! It may not …

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Spend time in nature

Boost Health by Spending Time in Nature—21 Days New You Challenge #4

Sitting on grass or under a tree for only 15-minutes each day instantly relaxes you, reduces stress, and boosts health. Find out how it works! GO GREEN FOR HEALTH Do you feel refreshed and energised whenever you are outdoors? Whether you are at the beach, in a park, or on …

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Bending forward

Reduce Stress with Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose—21 Days New You Challenge #3

Want to say goodbye to stress while living in Singapore? Fold into a forward bend asana. STRESS MESS “I am so stressed!” This is something that many Singaporeans utter daily, especially on Mondays! Stress can cause you to be in a bad mood, which can affect how you work and …

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Quickly Escape Stress without Leaving Your Home

There is no need to travel out of Singapore to escape from stress—stay at home and de-stress without turning on the television or computer. You simply just need to return to childhood. A mass of bodies shuffling along, jostling to get into the MRT train. You put your earphones on …

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When Things are not Okay: Depression & Stress in Women’s Health

The modern woman is tasked with balancing career independence with family-oriented roles that have a historical precedent. Women face different forms of mental and emotional stress at various points of their life cycle. It could be just before the menses arrive, it could be when they are trying for a …

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4 Tips for Inner Peace at the Office

Anyone who works in an office knows that it can be extremely stressful. Deadlines, last minute changes, and demanding colleagues or bosses are some elements that contribute to a stressful environment. In fact, according to a study by JobsCentral, more than 60% of workers in Singapore complain of work stress. …

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Stress Relievers You Should Have In Your Office

A person’s workspace can become one of the most intense places to be; hours of sitting, intense pressure and a fair share of stress. To create a more calming and conducive workplace environment, we have compiled a list of things you should have in your office as stress relievers. We have …

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Pampering Tips for the Warrior in You

You are tired and we get it! Whether it is from mommy duties, piled up work projects, intense yoga training or exams, you deserve some pampering. Now you probably think that pampering yourself requires two extra hours of beauty sleep per night or a very expensive three hours spa treatment. …

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Awaken Your Inner Cavemen

Life often challenges us to keep fighting with endless problems and hard situations that we need to get out of. Have you ever felt that you couldn’t cope with all the stresses around you and felt like giving up? Have you ever thought dropping everything and hiding in a shell? …

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Must-Know Effective Wellness Tips For Headaches

Due to Singapore’s crazy sun and humidity, going in and out of indoor air-conditioned places causes our bodies to have to adjust multiple times to our surrounding temperature. These temperature changes are usually the causes of headaches. Singaporeans are also known to stay up late at night because of our …

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