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10 Minutes of Daily Mindfulness for Workplace Success

Steve Jobs practiced mindfulness. Even companies such as Google, Nike and General Mills are offering mindfulness trainings to its employees. What is the link between mindfulness and workplace performance? Mindfulness is a trendy word in leadership development nowadays. Recent articles in the Harvard Business Review mention that spending 10 minutes a …

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Clean Your Mind Chatter and be Free

We talk about clean and lean bodies, but what about clean and lean minds and spirits? Minds and spirits without excess baggage, stripped down to bare authenticity. Shut out the noise, all the chatter made up of excuses, blind spots, objective reasoning, the illogical appearing as the logical, and ask …

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Three Questions That Will Help You Get Through Any Life Drama

There are times where a major life drama happens and you find yourself thinking, “How can this be?!” Sometimes when in a highly stressful situation, you just wanna put on the brakes! Recently, one of these tumultuous life-shifting events happened to me. As a person used to practicing stress management, …

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5 Minutes of Meditation a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Set intentions before your yoga practice to reap the most physical health & mental benefits from meditating. It’s the season of creating new resolutions for 2017. Setting resolutions keeps us on track of how much we’ve evolved since the last display of fireworks. While it’s good to revel on finally …

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The Secret to Making a New Habit Stick

How do you stick to a new habit or new year’s resolution for more than 21 days? The secret lies in your brain. New fitness goals, new nutrition goals, or simply a new year’s resolution that you’ve made and desire to keep? Don’t let it drop off after a week—psychologist …

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7 Ways Meditation Makes You Successful

They meditate, and Richard Branson, Gisele Bundchen, Deepak Chopra & Oprah are successful, happy people. Come get their secret! The benefits of daily meditation have been espoused by successful leaders from Richard Branson to Gisele Bundchen, Oprah Winfrey, and Deepak Chopra. They each have a dedicated meditation practice of their …

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One Simple Way Mindfulness can Transform a Nation

How does one take mindfulness of an individual and use it to transform a nation? It is so simple, anyone and everyone can do it! Mindfulness is usually thought of as an individual practice, and it’s sometimes thought of as something difficult to achieve. However, it’s actually very simple; so …

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One Simple Trick to Achieve Your Goals

Why do we not achieve our goals, despite starting out with the best intentions to do so? The one simple trick that will transform the way you achieve your goal—being aware of your thoughts. There are many expert opinions on why someone fails at accomplishing their goals—lack of focus, lack …

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Mindful Shopping—How It Helps You Save Money

Spending too much money on impulse shopping? Here is one simple trick that will help you stop immediately—being mindful of how you shop. You know you have done it before—spent $500 in two hours of shopping, only to ask yourself the next day, ‘What have I done?’ You start to …

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Mindfulness Tips For The Holidays

Getting together with the family during Thanksgiving and Christmas has the potential to throw any sane human being out of whack. The combination of excited expectations, the constant presence of many personalities, and a regular routine gone rogue can make it near impossible to fit in a regular meditation practice, …

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