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How to Meditate into your Zone

Meditation helps you go beyond the mind and achieve happiness, calm, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried mediation knows, meditate into your zone is the biggest obstacle. Your mind will wander, you will feel itchy, your crossed legs will get weary. But no worries, here are our tips …

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How to book the Ultimate Escape with Soulscape

With all the bustle and hustle of city living, stress has become a common thing. Stress is no one’s best friend, yet it’s becoming everyone’s most seen face daily. Can you recall the last time you could breathe to your fullest? How about the time you had free time to …

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10 Minutes of Daily Mindfulness for Workplace Success

Steve Jobs practiced mindfulness. Even companies such as Google, Nike and General Mills are offering mindfulness trainings to its employees. What is the link between mindfulness and workplace performance? Mindfulness is a trendy word in leadership development nowadays. Recent articles in the Harvard Business Review mention that spending 10 minutes a …

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Review: Transformational Yoga Book

Use yoga to transform your life on the physical health, energetic, and spiritual levels with this book. We hardly think of yoga as transformational. But do you know that in the The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a prominent compilation of texts about various yoga traditions, regular practice of yoga will …

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Three Questions That Will Help You Get Through Any Life Drama

There are times where a major life drama happens and you find yourself thinking, “How can this be?!” Sometimes when in a highly stressful situation, you just wanna put on the brakes! Recently, one of these tumultuous life-shifting events happened to me. As a person used to practicing stress management, …

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5 Minutes of Meditation a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Set intentions before your yoga practice to reap the most physical health & mental benefits from meditating. It’s the season of creating new resolutions for 2017. Setting resolutions keeps us on track of how much we’ve evolved since the last display of fireworks. While it’s good to revel on finally …

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7 Ways Meditation Makes You Successful

They meditate, and Richard Branson, Gisele Bundchen, Deepak Chopra & Oprah are successful, happy people. Come get their secret! The benefits of daily meditation have been espoused by successful leaders from Richard Branson to Gisele Bundchen, Oprah Winfrey, and Deepak Chopra. They each have a dedicated meditation practice of their …

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The Top Secret for Reducing Stress Quickly—21 Days New You Challenge #7

Reduce stress, calm down, & get better focus simply by breathing. Bet you didn’t know what’s the most effective way of doing so! PRESS PAUSE It’s mid-week and usually the longest day of the week—you feel as if you still have so much work to complete, and at the same …

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Soul Now—Our Editor’s Picks of Events & Happenings in Singapore from Sept 22-28

Our editor picks the events and things on our little red dot that you should check out from September 22 to 28. Say hello if you see her! Celebrating Four Years of Contemporary Arts It is already four years since Gillman Barracks started curating contemporary visual arts within the former …

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Soul Now—Our Editor’s Picks of Events & Happenings in Singapore from Sept 15-21

Our editor picks the events and things on our little red dot that you should check out from September 15 to 21. Say hello if you see her! Ecstatic Dance & Meditation Ahead of SOULSCAPE Festival 2016 on October 1, presenters Daniel Rojas and Amber Sawyer welcomes SOULSCAPE ticket holders …

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