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How To Prevent Injury When You’re Working Out and Pregnant

Safety practices to prevent injury while working out should be foremost of anyone’s mind whether you are workout newbie, gym veteran, or a pregnant momma-to-be wanting to stay in shape. Janiqueel shares some tips on how to stay safe while getting fit. Workout injuries have brought even the best laid …

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5 Tips to Escape & Beat Office Politics

Politics in the office is inevitable. How do you arm yourself so that you do not become sucked into office politics or become a victim of one? If you have ever been a part of a company, than you probably know what office politics is. Whether you are working for …

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Fitstagrammer Azimah Azmi on The Dark Side of The Fit Life

Local Fitstagrammer Azimah Azmi (@muskelkat) shares how an eating disorder got her into the gym and the darker side of the fit life. Having a father who was a Fitness Instructor and a boxing coach in SAF who later went on to own his own heartland gyms, Azimah was introduced to …

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Pampering Tips for the Warrior in You

You are tired and we get it! Whether it is from mommy duties, piled up work projects, intense yoga training or exams, you deserve some pampering. Now you probably think that pampering yourself requires two extra hours of beauty sleep per night or a very expensive three hours spa treatment. …

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YY Low: Proud Mummy, Health Psychologist & Co-owner of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique

YY Low is a Founding Partner of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique. A proud mother of 2, she is also a Health Psychologist, Principal Wellness Coach & Nutrition Consultant. Looking at how radiant she looks now, it’s hard to imagine she used to have weight issues. She shares with us her journey and tips! You …

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Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

AHIMSA Jewelry features a beautiful collection of high quality, handcrafted yoga-inspired jewelry in precious silver and gold vermeil. The collection displays an exquisite craftsmanship, as each pieces is individually handcrafted by village artisans in Bali, Indonesia, who have carefully combined the silver work with highest quality precious gemstones, personally sourced …

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Dress Like A Yoga Warrior

Apart from picking the right yoga studio and the most suitable yoga class, picking our yoga wear also plays a part in our moods as we attend our yoga classes. No doubt looking chic and feeling comfortable is an added bonus! Check out these 6 brands, based in Singapore for …

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10 Egg-cellent Reasons to Enjoy Eggs

Keeping it simple, while focusing on the positives Eggs have certainly taken a battering in recent years; a few decades back we got ourselves into a right scramble on the cholesterol debate, but luckily that’s all now boiled over. OK, enough of the Egg-puns – let’s look at how egg-citing …

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How a Singaporean Athlete Survived a Race in the Italian Alps

Tor des Geants. The Tour of Giants is a 330 kilometre footrace with a total elevation gain of 24,000 meters in the rugged mountains of the Valle D’aosta in Italy. Racing in the shadows of the giants – Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Mont Rosa and Gran Paradiso – of the Alps …

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Awaken Your Inner Cavemen

Life often challenges us to keep fighting with endless problems and hard situations that we need to get out of. Have you ever felt that you couldn’t cope with all the stresses around you and felt like giving up? Have you ever thought dropping everything and hiding in a shell? …

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