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5 Skin Care Habits for Clear, Glowing Facial Skin in Jakarta

Quickly get clear, spotless, glowing skin on your face with these simple, effective skin care hacks. All ladies would like to have fresh and flawless facial skin. In fact, many of us will do anything to have the facial skin blemish free, and looking well hydrated. However, if you still …

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Portrait of a happy girl having a healthy snack of fresh fruit and vegetables

5 Easy Ways for Eating Clean in Jakarta

What does clean food & clean eating mean? How can it be easily done in Jakarta, despite our busy schedule? We have heard it so many times—eating clean and clean food. But what exactly does it mean? Does it mean that as long as fruit and vegetables are washed clean, …

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A shot of an asian woman shopping outdoor

Stop Shopping & Save Money in Jakarta in 3 Easy Ways

Ladies always find that shopping is therapeutic. But to avoid being too consumptive so that we can save money would do us good. So what can you do to suppress your shopping urges, and still feel good? Compared to other cities in Indonesia, Jakarta sits at the top as the …

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Crossfit exercise woman using kettlebell in fitness strength training workout outside on grass by the ocean. Beautiful young fit instructor and fitness model.

5 Quick Simple Ways to Stay Fit on Your Jakarta Staycation

Stay fit & healthy even when you are on a staycation in Jakarta—we show you how! Staycations are the perfect way to have a mini vacation without leaving Indonesia, or even Jakarta! It may be a staycation in Jakarta, but it is not a reason to ditch fitness and ignore …

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Fitness woman on pilates ball - healthy lifestyle photo. Fresh happy smiling portrait of mixed race Asian Caucasian female fitness model leaning on blue gym training ball. Isolated on white background.

6 Easy & Effective Ways to Prevent Breakouts After Working Out in Jakarta

Whether you workout indoors or outdoors in Jakarta, you would like to keep your skin fresh and flawless. Here are our tips for ensuring that post workout breakouts will not happen. We want to look good, so we work out, eat healthy, and ensure that our grooming is in place. …

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Group of wome? practicing yoga in sports club

5 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studios in Jakarta

Forget the stress of living in Jakarta with the mindful movements of vinyasa flow yoga. Find out why it is a good full body workout, and which 5 studios in Jakarta offer it. As its name indicates, vinyasa flow is a series of yoga poses and movements done in a …

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Vegan milk from nuts in glass jar with various nuts on wooden background

How is Nut Milk Good for You and Where to Get it in Jakarta

In way is nut milk better than dairy cow milk? We share the nutritional benefits and how you can get fresh nut milk in Jakarta. Mention milk, and cow’s milk automatically comes to mind. Although this is something that we have been drinking since we were very young, there are …

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Working Out in Jakarta: 5 Times You Are Excused from It

Working out in our busy city is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But there are five times when it is okay to skip our workout. The general belief is that your best efforts will bring out the best results in your workout. However, just like a sports …

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Mature woman making cosmetic mask from coffee, sour cream.

Natural Homemade Body & Skin Scrub for the Busy Jakartan

There is no need to run around in Jakarta traffic to get a facial or body scrub—whip these natural and effective face and body scrubs with ingredients found in your kitchen. Admit it ladies, beauty is important for us! However, after heading to many spas and beauty salons in Jakarta, …

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Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure, close up

Jakarta’s Favourite Weight Loss Programme: Mayo Diet

The Mayo Diet is a quick weight loss programme that promises obvious results in 13 days. Shahnaz Soehartono tells you how to prepare for it, before you attempt it. It was almost five years ago when I first heard about the Mayo Diet in Jakarta, more commonly known as Diet …

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