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The secret of longevity in Okinawa

Okinawa is the Ryukyu island between Kyushu and Taiwan and it is well known as one of the highest longevity prefecture in Japan. Their eating habit and lifestyle are very unique compared to other region in Japan. There are many over-100-year-old Uchinaanchu there (people who live in Okinawa in Okinawan …

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5 Food Habits To Reduce Your Monthly PMS Symptoms

Are you suffering from the monthly pains and discomfort that usually comes before your menstruation? Check out these tips to relieve you from PMS in a natural way. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is common to 85% of women. The horrors of it can occur as early as 2 weeks before your menstruation. …

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Secrets of the Jade Crystal Yoni Egg Revealed

What’s a crystal yoni egg? How does it improve health and well-being? Our jade crystal yoni egg expert shares her experience. Let’s talk about the origins and some of the many physical, emotional, and energetic benefits you’ll experience from using a crystal yoni egg. What is a yoni? Yoni, in …

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Nature’s Farm Singapore Revamps Flagship Store

The health supplement brand’s Parkway Parade outlet becomes a one-stop health lifestyle hub with personal nutrition advisory service & sampling bar. A familiar health supplements brand in Singapore since 1982, Nature’s Farm recently unveiled a new logo, a revamped look for their Parkway Parade flagship store, and new services. The …

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Ayurveda Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda 101: An Introduction to Ayurvedic Concepts – Pitta Dosha

The third part of this Ayurvedic series looks at the Pitta dosha, & how it facilitates transformation of thoughts, feelings & actions. In my previous article, I discussed Vata, its functions and attributes. In this article, I’ll cover Pitta as the second functional aspect of the Panchamahabuta (PMB) in health …

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How Banana Water Helps You Sleep Better

Say goodbye to sleep problems & insomnia with banana water, a natural & nourishing drink made using organic bananas. We all know how having poor or little sleep affects us badly—we feel exhausted, low in energy levels, low self-esteem, our cognitive functions are affected, our motor skills decline, and overall …

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Ayurveda 101: An Introduction to Ayurvedic Concepts – Vata Dosha

The second part of this Ayurvedic series looks at the Vata dosha, and how it governs all aspects of movement in our body. In a previous article, I gave a brief overview of Panchamahabuta (PMB), how it becomes the foundation of Ayurvedic philosophy, and how it is the basis for …

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Discover Your Body Type—Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

The reason why some people are tall and lean while others are muscular is due to their body type. Find out which one you are. While you may be familiar with the three different body types, have you wondered which one you really are? Maybe you do not fit neatly …

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Quick Effective Recovery from Injury & Sickness with Integrative Medical Approach

Speed up your recovery from injury or illness with three quick and effective integrative medical approach tips from Ed Dailey. The mainstream approach to recovery from injuries and illness is by using western medicine to address physical symptoms. However, there are many factors involved when managing the body’s recovery process. …

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5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

Ever missed the bus just because you couldn’t find something at the last minute? It’s a sign to de-clutter! Clearing out clutter not only saves you time searching for something gone missing, but it also gives you more space to welcome other possibilities in your life. Listed below are 5 …

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