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How to Make Hari Raya more Enjoyable

It’s Hari Raya Puasa, the grand days of rejoicing! Island wide, our Muslim friends must be indulging some of the best foods and snacks that come along with this festival. But pals, while these treats bring joy and happiness, they are sweet. No worries, here’s our guides to make your …

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Get Fresh Produce in the Social Market at Open Farm Community this May

If you’re going to the market this weekend, go straight to the Open Farm Community and enjoy the abundance of the locally farmed fresh produce, handmade products, and lots of activities! This is the perfect time to visit and the Open Farm Community. But don’t expect the outdoor terrace and …

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5 Reasons Why Cauliflower Should Be on Your Next Grocery List

Rediscover the new superfood – with just one serving of Cauliflower, it is jam-packed with the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, no fat, sodium, or sugar and helps boost the brain health while reducing the risk of cancer. As Kale dominated the first spot as the famous superfood for …

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6 Decadent Worldly Temptations You need to Try

From croissants filled with Thai tea to stir-fried ice cream and fluffy pancakes, ZUJI Singapore has put together 6 decadent desserts around the world that will awaken your taste buds. Go ahead and give in to the temptation; we won’t tell anyone! It’s hard to miss this monstrous dessert, since …

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5 Food Habits To Reduce Your Monthly PMS Symptoms

Are you suffering from the monthly pains and discomfort that usually comes before your menstruation? Check out these tips to relieve you from PMS in a natural way. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is common to 85% of women. The horrors of it can occur as early as 2 weeks before your menstruation. …

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30 Quick Ways to be Vegan in Hong Kong

Want to eliminate meat, poultry & animal products like eggs & dairy from your diet in Hong Kong? Here’re 30 ways to help you become vegan even in a meat- & seafood-loving city like HK. Being a vegan eater means not consuming meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs. It’s socially …

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5 Simple Steps You Can Do Daily To Lose Weight

From weighing 65kg to winning bikini competitions, Dr Jenny Li shares her daily tricks to keeping body fat away with a well-balanced diet. As we are still in the beginning of 2017, I encourage you to try the following five steps for next 31 days. 1. Have a Plan I …

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White or black chia seeds, what is the difference?

So you’ve taken on a new years resolution to get healthy—welcome to the club! If you’ve started researching on what to add to or cut from your diet, then you’ve surely come across chia seeds. So you’ve set out on the quest to buy chia seeds—good going! Now you are standing in …

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5 Fitness Tips to Keep Fit on Your Hong Kong Staycation

Stay fit & healthy even when you are on a staycation in Hong Kong —we show you how! Staycations in Hong Kong are the perfect way to have a mini vacation without leaving! It may be a staycation in Hong Kong but it is not a reason to ditch fitness and ignore …

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Recipe: Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

Pamper your Valentine with a gluten free, lean protein dessert that’s healthy, easy-to-make & yummy! It isn’t Valentine’s Day without chocolate! But we know you’re watching your weight & muscle gains, so here’s a recipe that uses gluten-free flour and Clean Lean Protein. Ingredients 1 tsp instant coffee powder ¼ …

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