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Quick Effective Recovery from Injury & Sickness with Integrative Medical Approach

Speed up your recovery from injury or illness with three quick and effective integrative medical approach tips from Ed Dailey. The mainstream approach to recovery from injuries and illness is by using western medicine to address physical symptoms. However, there are many factors involved when managing the body’s recovery process. …

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Stress Relievers You Should Have In Your Office

A person’s workspace can become one of the most intense places to be; hours of sitting, intense pressure and a fair share of stress. To create a more calming and conducive workplace environment, we have compiled a list of things you should have in your office as stress relievers. We have …

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Earthy Essential Oils to Help Cope Your Reality

Many turn to the use of grounding essential oils to find their center with mother nature and the Earth. These essential oils are a relaxing and balancing blend capable of calming one’s senses when applied. Often when having to make tough decisions, emotional chaos can result in poor choices. Grounding …

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Top 5 Must-Have Essentials for Your Bathroom

Isn’t it ironic when the many bath and body care products we use to cleanse ourselves with, often end up polluting our environment? The chemicals and artificial ingredients used in these products have not only been causing huge damage to Earth, it can also bring about several negative side effects …

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The Love Potions For Valentines

Ever been bothered by pungent body odour, or gravitating towards the fresh smell of after-rain? Scent plays a very important role in our daily lives. Aromatherapy can incite various emotions and moods. This Valentine’s Day, harness the ancient powers of essential oils to boost your date and wow your valentine. …

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Discover Your Best Self Through YL Fit

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Ask the Doctor – Interview with Dr. David Stewart about Essential Oils

Through the years, essential oils have been used for various reasons. If you are new to essential oils, you probably have a few questions about how they can be used, what kinds of oils you should have in your home and why. Young Living Singapore interviewed Dr. David Stewart to …

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ITL Picks: Skincare Brands We Love

This week, we are presenting you with a list of skincare essentials that each have intheLoop’s stamp of approval! Read on if you’re interested in finding new products for your skincare routine: Believing in the benefits of organic ingredients, Neal’s Yard Remedies have most products containing high proportion of organic …

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Your Best Body with Nila Natural Oils

Oils give a sheen and golden gleam to the skin that cannot be achieved with any creams or lotion. We can achieve a beautiful body using various essential oils and good quality cold pressed base oils (instead of refined oils as these have been bleached and de-odourised by chemicals and are no longer pure!) …

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Nila’s Scent-sational way to Beautiful Skin!

Essential oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets. Valued for their wonderful cosmetics properties, they have been used extensively for thousands of years in aromatherapy and various traditional medicinal systems.   Nila is committed in bringing this ancient tradition to modern users. Essential Oils stimulate the cellular regeneration at a …

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