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How to Get a Bikini Body Fast in 2 Easy Steps

Getting a bikini body, get in shape, flat belly, get a hot body FAST. There are almost 12 million searches on this topic. Clearly, everyone wants to look good but many want to look good FAST, QUICKLY, and EASILY. FIT and STRONG is the new SEXY. Yup, females with defined abs, …

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Victoria’s Secret Singapore Launches Body by Victoria at Mandarin Gallery

Angel Adriana Lima lands in Singapore to launch the new store & new look of Body by Victoria range. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima was in Singapore this morning March 10, 2017 at the newly opened Victoria’s Secret Mandarin Gallery outlet.  She helped launch Body by Victoria line, which features …

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Your 2017 Strategy to Remove Bloating in Your Life

5 natural & effective ways to reduce stomach bloating, including using natural supplements. Overeating is a part of the festive season, which goes on for a good part of December and carries over into January as well. From heavy meals and too much alcohol, to the stress of insufficient sleep …

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Discover Your Body Type—Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

The reason why some people are tall and lean while others are muscular is due to their body type. Find out which one you are. While you may be familiar with the three different body types, have you wondered which one you really are? Maybe you do not fit neatly …

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Pole Dance Your Way to a Fit and Toned Body

How does twirling around a pole help you tone the body and stay fit? Find out how pole dancing achieves this, and more, than other cardiovascular and workout activities available. Pole dancing is a hobby reserved only for the strip club—well, that may not be the case in recent years, …

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Loving Myself: Having a Prolonged Sex Date with Myself

What is a prolonged sex date, how do you have it with yourself, and how does it bring you love? Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Lee shares with us how her personal prolonged sex date went, and what she achieved from it. What is a Prolonged Sex Date The idea of …

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Taking a break from working out

5 Times You Are Excused from Working Out

It is okay to not work out every day, and there are certain times when you should give your body a rest. Here are five times that you most definitely should take a break from your daily fitness routine. Everyone knows that exercise has great benefits for your body. For …

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How Yoga is Dangerous for You

Yoga can harm your body if you are not mentally and physically aware. Find out how you can minimise the risks of doing yoga and reap the benefits. A great many people propound that yoga heals. However, do you know that yoga can also be dangerous for you? If you …

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4 Stretches for Stiff Muscles—Part 2

Say goodbye to stiff muscles on your back, shoulder and hamstrings with these four stretches. Ready now, get stretching!

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4 Easy Stretches for Stiff Muscles, Done Sitting Down

Sitting for hours—and with a bad posture—is not the best thing for our bodies as we might get stiff muscles and body aches. These simple poses will give you the stretch you need at work. We all know how busy Singapore can get, and work piling up does not help. …

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