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Cracked Lips: Easy Remedy for Chapped Lips

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1 Secret to Radiating Beauty from Within

How do some people look beautiful, sans makeup and in their workout clothes? It is a very simple tip, and you have it too. Have you ever looked at someone who is not physically attractive, yet you still think: ‘Wow, she is so beautiful!’ What is this beauty, charm and …

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3 Simple & Easy Ways to Be Beautiful

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but true beauty radiates out easily from within. Enhance your external looks with these three tips. The first thing that comes to mind with the word ‘beauty’ is physical looks. However, beauty is also a feeling that you experience when you …

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You are Truly Beautiful—Finding, Accepting and Embracing Your Inner Sexy

Everyone is attractive, we just have to find it in us and embrace it. Clinical sexologist Dr Martha Lee shows you how to bring out your true beauty. If I was given a dollar each time that I am asked how one can appear sexier to the opposite gender, I …

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7 Must-Have Hair Products for Lovely Healthy Hair

Say goodbye to hair and scalp problems with these natural, organic hair care products for use at home. Our hair is subjected to lots of stress from colouring, bleaching, perming, heat, and even factors beyond our control, like the environment. These damage our hair, leaving us with frizzy and brittle …

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5 Non-Toxic Nail Polishes in Singapore That will Reduce Health Risks

Do you know that your nail polish can harm your body? Find out what are these health risks, and why you should be using 3-free and 5-free nail colours instead. You eat clean, exercise regularly, and ensure that your skin, hair and body care products are natural or organic. However, …

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5 Weekly Beauty Rituals for Looking Young & Beautiful

These beauty rituals using easy to make, natural products will give your hair and skin some extra love and care, for continual to shine and youthful looks. As much as we try to keep ourselves healthy with a balanced nutrition and regular exercise regime, proper grooming also plays an important …

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5 Beauty Hacks with Coconut Oil You Should Know

Cannot imagine coconut oil outside of the kitchen? The secret is out—it is a handy beauty companion. Here are five beauty hacks for them that you should know. Coconut oil has certainly become the best friend of many health conscious individuals over the past few years—its safe to cook with at high …

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5 Natural Bar Soaps Good for Skin

Bid farewell to sensitive skin reactions triggered by synthetic soaps, and hello to naturally moisturised, smooth skin—by using natural soaps! If your decision-making process when buying soap is mostly influenced by the scent, packaging, price or brand—perhaps it is time to give your soap shopping a lot more thought. Commercial …

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Founder of Beauté by Kew Reveals The Truth To Beauty Without Makeup

Beauté by Kew is one of Singapore’s top organic, beauty gem that believes in natural skincare, bringing only the best of Mother Earth’s creations to you in its purest form. We managed to score an interview with Lily Kew, founder of Beauté by Kew, to shed some light onto the …

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