Superlife Co. Launches Single-Serve Quinoa–Singapore company launches single serve quinoa packs for busy people who want healthy, yummy food.

Busy people who want healthy food options that are quick to prepare & good to eat, Superlife Co. has the answer: single-serve Asian Quinoa Packs with real ingredients. Each pack is a single-serving of quinoa that only requires 3 steps to cook:
1. Add contents of quinoa pack to rice cooker.
2. Put in water, stir, and cook as you normally cook rice.
3. When it’s ready, fluff with a rice spatula and serve.

The packs are available in basic flavours of Mushroom, Japanese, and Spicy Curry (S$8.90 per pack, $49 for a bundle of 10), as well as premium flavours of Kimchi, and Thai Green Curry ($9.90 per pack, $59 for a bundle of 10). Flavours can be mixed and matched for a bundle of 10.

This product was developed by Superlife Co. founder, Singaporean Valerie Chai, when family and friends asked her for single-serve quinoa that they can cook on their own whenever they feel like eating it. The quinoa packs contain 100% natural quinoa and ingredients as Valerie believes very strongly that she will not sell what she would not eat.

Valerie and her team discovered that when they replaced rice and bread with quinoa, there was a huge difference in their productivity and energy levels, they feel less bloated and love the fact that quinoa helps them in controlling their weight. Quinoa also helps prevent food coma and is diabetic friendly.

Superlife Co. Asian Quinoa Packs can be purchased from

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