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Steps to Empower a Fellow Woman in Business

We all speak of change and making the world a better place, but change actually begins with us, and whatever little steps we can take.

What do you spend your hard-earned money on, and where does it go? Does your dollar go towards an active wear company that practices gender equality, and gives their female employees equal opportunities in top management? Or perhaps, it goes towards a business that provides women in impoverished communities safe jobs that help better the community as a whole. Does it go towards experiences that empower a fellow Women to live, feel and be better? Have you ever thought about just how much power lies in YOUR hands?

According to a United Nations report in 2016, ”on average, women still earn twenty-four percent less than men globally.” In a world where we are steadily becoming more and more connected, do not doubt that your purchasing decisions can make a difference! Just like how you have the power to vote for someone you want to represent you in government, you too, have the power to uplift women entrepreneurs, and/or support businesses that empower women! How can you start to make a difference? Where do you even begin to look? Here’s how!

1. Ask

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Start asking questions about the business – is your favorite fitness workout studio Women-led or gives fair working opportunities to female instructors? Start by being more aware, more conscious and more mindful. When enough people start asking these questions, businesses will start to realize that gender equity is indeed smart business. It really is as simple as that.

2. Google It

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Whether it is the you search on them on the “About Us” page or the “Meet the Team” page, searching for different types of business can help boost the growth of your fellow Women-led businesses in more ways than one it helps them with their online presence and withe more online presence you’ll be able to help these businesses connect to other people who share the same views in empowering women who venture into their own self made companies. By clicking on their facebook/instagram or any online platform you can clearly see if the business is Women-owned, Women-led or For Women on the company’s website. When you have found a great business that empowers Women and/or is Women-owned or Women-led, do not stop at just being a customer.

3. Tell your friends about it

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If their products or services have met your standards, spread the word and share about the business with your family and friends, or even on your social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & more)! Nowadays the world presents itself with more channels of communication than in recent history, whether it be through the different platforms of social media, sharing how happy you are with a current product or brand that shares and helps women be empowered is such a great cause who wouldn’t want to talk about how great it is! And if their products/services fell below your expectations, don’t keep quiet about it either. Let them know, so they can make changes and improve their business offerings. After all, giving them a chance to better themselves, means more learning opportunities for them, hence facilitating their growth and their ability to empower more Women.





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