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How to Start Cycling in Singapore for Beginners

Bikes are a great way to stay in shape and get back in touch with nature For Earth Day, forego cars, taxis, and even the MRT by taking the cleanest mode of transportation: the bicycle!

Bicycles have an important role to play in the future of our planet as one of the cleanest and most sustainable forms of transportation that’s not only good for the environment, but great for your health too.

Singapore is a great city for cyclists with bike theft nearly unheard of, however many motorists still need to learn to share the road with their cleaner, two-wheel pedalists. But even though Singapore still has a ways to go till it becomes as bike-friendly as the Netherlands, there are many areas where cyclists can find reprieve from traffic and just hit the bike trails.

If you just want to get started in cycling, here are the best spots for cycling for beginners in Singapore and some tricks to get you pedaling in no time.

Pulau Ubin

For Just $2 take a ferry trip back in time and rent a bike at Pulau Ubin. They’ve got 10km of mountain trails as well as dirt tracks and tarmac roads. Be prepared to see some wildlife sharing the road with you such as monitor lizards, monkeys, boars, and even some rare birds.

Rifle Range Road

Breathe with the “lungs of Singapore” by taking your bike onto the relatively short 6.8kn rail that starts at the junction of Rifle Range Road and heads towards Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Concrete will give way to walkable trails and buildings replaced by tall trees. You may even see some monkeys curiously checking out your cycling spree.

The Southern Bumps

When you’re ready o graduate to a more challenging cycling experience, go for an early morning bike ride at the Southern Bumps. This 20km trail is Singapore’s hardest! Bit the sunrise view and mountain top cafe on Pender Road will make it worth your effort.

Tips for New Cyclists

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Hydration and Snacks

Always bring a bottle of water when you go cycling in Singapore, and pack some snacks or the ride too. Nuts and trail mix pack on a lot of energy in bite-sized chunks that will not make you feel heavy.

Take breaks

If you’re just getting started in cycling, take breaks to catch your breathe and hydrate often. Luckily, the views on these nature trails are so stunning, you’ll want to take breathers to take it all in.

Padded Shorts

Cycling can get bumpy, especially if you’re just a beginner. Wear padded cycling shorts for extra protection when cycling and your backside will thank you for the built-it cushion.

Helmet on!

Speaking of extra protection, always wear your helmet when you get on your bicycle. It just takes a few moments to adjust it properly for the first time and literally just snaps on and off at the beginning and end of your ride. Better get into the habit of wearing a helmet from the start instead of risking a bad fall and getting a head injury or worse later on.



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