Secrets of the Jade Crystal Yoni Egg Revealed–What’s a crystal yoni egg? How does it improve health and well-being? Our jade crystal yoni egg expert shares her experience.

Let’s talk about the origins and some of the many physical, emotional, and energetic benefits you’ll experience from using a crystal yoni egg.

What is a yoni?

Yoni, in Sanskrit means Sacred Temple. It refers to the female genitalia—a woman’s gateway to Creation, Bliss, and Pleasure.

What is a yoni egg?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal inserted inside your beautiful vagina. Special practices are performed while holding it in for your sensual empowerment and transformation.

Where does it come from?

This practice stems from Chinese medicine and Daoist inner alchemy for women. It was allegedly kept secret by princesses and concubines of the Chinese Yellow Emperor, the mythological ancestor of the Chinese people, who believed that women who mastered the intimate art would be able to please and empower the Emperor ,and maintain their beauty, vitality, and sexuality even as they matured.

Is it a holistic practice?

It is a holistic practice as it allows for deep connection to your soul, body, heart, and mind. It’s considered yoga for the yoni, and its benefits are emotional, mental, physical, and energetic, thus restoring overall harmony.

It’s also great for sexual healing to purge traumas around sexuality. In contrast to sex toys that are about orgasmic pleasure confined in the genital area, this is an intimate experience that will help you identify how you really feel and heal yourself, your womb, and yoni, and become empowered whilst awakening multi-orgasmic waves throughout your body as a gateway to connecting with the divine.

Which crystal is the best?

Definitely, jade! The yoni egg has become a trendy item. Some are trying to make a profit without real knowledge about them so all kinds of yoni eggs are sold now. I know gynaecologists and gemologists who practice regularly and would never recommend any stone other than jade—preferably Nephrite Jade, as it is easier to track the origin.

Stones like rose quartz are popular but are hazardous because they are too fragile, porous, and subject to absorption of bacteria. They’re also very intense—unless you have first cleared your sacred womb and yoni from negative and stuck energies, rose quartz can intensify discomfort, anger, confusion, and unbalanced emotions.

Plus, you don’t need an assortment of yoni eggs. It’s more important that you commit to a few hours each week to explore, feel, and play with it.


Why jade?

Jade is referred to as The Stone of Heaven. It’s considered the health, wealth, and longevity stone and is used for increasing Courage, Wisdom, Fertility, Emotional Balance, Love, Peace, and Harmony.

It’s also heavier, harder, and stronger than most precious stones. This means that it won’t absorb bacteria, chip, crack, or break if it happens to slip out of your yoni during use or storage. It can be your intimate trustworthy companion for a lifetime.

Nephrite Jade was said to be the original stone for this practice and is the ultimate fertility stone as it carries the perfect energy to be used in the womb.

Which size should I get?

Medium size is perfect for the majority of women. Small is only for advanced practitioners.

Why do some eggs have drilled holes in them?

Drilled holes across the smaller end of the yoni egg are for attaching strings. Un-drilled eggs require skill with your pelvic floor muscles to push your yoni egg out, almost like giving birth. You can practice this with an egg that has a drilled hole and string attached.

However, you need not buy a second un-drilled yoni egg once you’re proficient. Simply stop attaching the string when you’re able to push it out on its own. The string is also a very valuable tool to awaken particular reflexology points in your vagina. So I recommend going for one that is drilled. It’s much more playful, fun, and versatile!

What are the benefits of using a yoni egg?

Yoni eggs help awaken your Chi, your feminine sensuality and magnetic radiance, and deepen your sexuality and orgasmic potential for both you and your partner.

Bringing aliveness back to your sacred yoni will help you to feel deeply grounded, increase your self-confidence, self-awareness and self-love, and enhance libido and increase fertility. Physically, it’ll help you avoid incontinence, prolapse, vaginal dryness, PMS and menstrual cramps, and have shorter and lighter menstrual cycles. It can ease difficulties in childbirth and help decrease recovery time afterwards. It can also prevent sagging of the organs (bladder, intestine, uterus and rectum), which happen with ageing.

The yoni egg is also helpful for pre-menopausal and menopausal women.

It increases blood circulation, improving vaginal elasticity and lubrication. It increases vaginal health, tone, flexibility, strength, softness and overall wellness. You can also work with intention and loving presence to heal trauma (like abuse, miscarriage, abortion, or even a difficult childbirth), low self-esteem, and stagnant energies.