Calming and soothing the muscles, these Yoga poses are your very own body treat after those muscle-crunching workouts. With that, we’ve hand-picked some of the easiest moves to cool you down after the workout.

You can lift those heavyweights, do some crunches, run on a treadmill, perform all kinds of lunges, but what do you do next? Most of the workout geeks out there are skipping the “cool down” stage as they think it is unnecessary. But, if you’re one of those that still do, then say bye bye to that old-fashioned way, because a simple yoga routine can redefine that– putting your muscles back in its natural resting state while preventing further muscular problems by the enhanced flexibility.

Before anything else, it is important to note that breathing is the key. Right after your workout, especially while panting for breath, try to slow down your own breathing to calm yourself. One way is to gradually hold your breath and prolonging it on the next breathing cycle. For instance, inhale for 3 seconds and hold it for another 3 seconds, then slowly exhale up to the count of 3. Next, inhale for 4 seconds and again hold it for 4 seconds, then slowly exhale to the count of 4. Continue doing the cycle by adding up 1 second to each until you reach a 6-second breathing. This breathing routine enhances you to become more focused.

Cobra Pose

5 Post Yoga Workout Moves To Enhance Flexibility

Do a push-up position, slowly bend your elbows by putting your whole body downward.

Align the elbows at your sides until your trunk is perpendicularly near the floor. Then slowly arch your back upwards and your face facing forward, just like a Cobra Pose.

Downward Facing Dog

5 Post Yoga Workout Moves To Enhance Flexibility

While in a Cobra position, slowly raise your buttocks upwards.

Palms and feet planted on the floor, giving your arms a good stretch in a slanted position. You should now be in a downward facing dog position. Now slightly bend your right knee while keeping upper body near the knee bended knee. Do the same sequence on the left knee.

High Lunge

5 Post Yoga Workout Moves To Enhance Flexibility

Transform from a Downward Facing Dog to a High Lung position by forwarding your right knee up to your chest, palms are touching the floor.


Slowly raise both of your arms upward, until it is stretched fully upward. Then stretch your right leg to a standing position while keeping its distance from the other leg and arms in the same position. Slowly lunge up and down by slightly bending your right knee and straightening it up again.

Twisted Lunge

5 Post Yoga Workout Moves To Enhance Flexibility

For twisted lunge, while shifting on the bended knee position, put your palms down together at your chest and twist your torso to the right.

While facing the side, bend sideways, letting your elbows meet your thighs. Hold the position for about 30 seconds while focusing on your breathing. Do the same on the other side.


5 Post Yoga Workout Moves To Enhance Flexibility

After the Twisted Lunge position, put your right forwarded foot to slide sideways by making the whole leg rest on the floor.

The other leg should be extended straight backwards. After you’ve placed yourself in a sitting formation, slowly forward your trunk to the floor. Reach out as near as you can, drawing your chest closer to your right foot. Hold the pose and remember to focus on the breathing.

You may opt to repeat the poses again for a total cool down after a workout.

All of these yoga positions and poses are really helpful in improving the strength and flexibility after a workout. You’ll gain strength, improved blood circulation, and a calm & stable mind that can ultimately help you warm your body down.

You don’t have to be a professional yogi to perform all these yoga poses after every workout. But being influenced by yoga and applying these yoga routines to cool down your muscles is a better way in experiencing its benefits.



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