5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding, I remember the very first time I saw someone paddle boarding. There was a guy just standing on a board in the middle of the bay with a paddle, and a dog. I remember asking myself very clearly in my head “is this real life right now”?

Almost 10 years later I can safely say yes, it is real life and yes I have seen countless people paddle with their dogs in recent years. I’m not sure this would have been an activity I could do with my very anxious border collie but I tried it with some friends and I loved it. I loved it so much that I bought an Inflatable Paddle Board for myself and started a blog based on it.

Why is Paddle Boarding so popular these days? In a way it’s a Lifestyle in that once you try it you are hooked! Maybe it’s the meditative properties that the water gives off or maybe it’s the exercise or maybe it’s a mix of both! Either way, it looks like Paddle Boarding is here to stay and here are a few reasons why.

1. Benefits of Paddle Boarding: Paddle Boarding is a Full Body Workout

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Unlike some other kinds of exercise, Paddle Boarding hits your full body. Some of the muscles that are worked include:

Lower Body
Hip Abductor
Abductor (Inner Thighs)

Upper Body
Deltoids (Shoulder Muscles)
Trapezius Muscles (Traps)
Pectoral Muscles(Chest)
Abdominals (Abs)

Not only does it work for all these muscle groups but it’s also highly enjoyable!

2. Benefits of Paddle Boarding: Paddle Boarding is a relaxing activity

Had a busy day at the office? Stressed? If you start paddle boarding all that hustle and bustle of your job and life will all but go away. Paddle Boarding Gives off Meditative effects just like yoga. In fact, you can actually do yoga on a paddleboard if it is stable enough! The best thing is the water is your yoga studio. You start to feel that extra connection with earth because everything is slowed down.There are lots of activities that you can do that allow you to be in nature, but few connect you to it like Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

3. Benefits of Paddle Boarding: You Can Paddle Board Almost Anywhere

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

If there is a body of water close to you, chances are you can paddle board on it! When you first think of paddle boarding people think of pristine beaches in California or Hawaii, but the truth is you can paddle board almost anywhere that has a body of water such as a lake or slow river.

Over the years paddle boarding has created subsections within itself to suit certain conditions.

Planning on paddling fast in the water? There’s a Touring Paddle Board for that!

Plan on Fishing? Get yourself a Fishing Paddle Board

Don’t have a lot of space to store a Hardboard? Get an Inflatable Paddle Board


4. Consistent Paddle Boarding can Burn Calories

Did you know that the calories burnt while paddling is comparable or even more than biking!

Casual Paddle Boarding can Burn up to 450 calories per hour
Yoga Paddle Boarding can burn up to 550 Calories an hour
Touring Paddle Boarding can burn up to 600 Calories per hour
A Full Paddle Board Rave can burn close to 1000 Calories per hour!

Starting out you will be burning anywhere in the neighborhood of 300 to 450 calories per hour and maybe falling into the water every once in awhile. As you get more experienced you can climb the ladder eventually burning 1000 calories per hour doing paddleboard races.

5. Benefits of Paddle Boarding: Paddle Boarding is a Better Activity to Enjoy with Friends.

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

5 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

When I first learned how to paddle board I did it with friends! I’m very happy I did because we pushed ourselves and you had that added pressure on who will fall into the water first (Luckily I didn’t), it was great!

Laughter is one of the best medicines available especially when you are with friends. Paddle Boarding with friends is a great way to enhance your mood and feel refreshed and recharged, ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Paddle Boarding is also a great activity to meet people. For one, you already know you have something in common and you are meeting people when they are in a mostly happy mood. These are often two of the most difficult obstacles we face when meeting new people for the first time.

Paddle Boarding is a great activity that connects you to nature and puts a permanent smile on your face. Just don’t be surprised if you end up getting hooked like I did ”


Derek is an avid Kayaker and Paddleboarder that likes to explore the waterways of Vancouver and British Columbia! When he is not in the water he is contributing to his review and informal website https://floatingauthority.com. Some of his other interests include Business, Ice Hockey, and Motorsports.