Jeanette Lamb

Jeanette combines literature, art, history, philosophy with traditional mediums & non-traditional digital media. The journey to the land of intersecting universes and colliding colours began somewhere between the state of Colorado (USA) and the city of Chicago on a bone-cold February night. Film Making began to manifest new paths of interest by fusing itself to Photography and likewise, Photography to Painting. Screenwriting began to fuse itself with other forms of literary expression ranging from Haiku to Tolstoy. In addition to her work with SOULSCAPE, she is an artist, freelance writer and professor of humanities at the University of People, where she teaches Art History, Greek and Roman Civilization, and World Literature. She is a member of the long-running, prestigious German women’s art collective, GEDOK. Her  photography, written, and works of art have been exhibited internationally and published in Visual Verse (Berlin, DE), Duende (Godard College, USA),  (Delere Press, Singapore),  The Daily Pallette (Iowa University, USA), The Culturalist (Berlin, DE) Zeit Punkt (Leipzig, DE) Eat, Sleep, Draw, Leipzig Zeitgeist (Leipzig, DE) Moutainsmith Adventure Photography Series (Colorado, USA), Matador Network, Dog Traveler among others. At SOULSCAPE Jeanette manages the inner and outer contextual threads along magazine's adventurous journey. She encourages the creation of groovy inspirational community-minded content anyone can dance to by composing inspirational content and shaping articles. She works closely with contributors and talented writers. She champions the fluidity of yoga, bicycling, a good book and long walks to nowhere in particular.

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