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Thank you for your interest in contributing/writing for SOULSCAPE Asia. We are always welcoming new talent to our team!

Please read the below definitions of a SOULSCAPE Contributor vs a SOULSCAPE Writer.


  • Gain recognition and influence in your field
  • Help to promote your own business/firm/practice
  • Freedom to write about topics that interest you (as long as it is in line with the SOULSCAPE-Topics, see below)
  • Flexibility to manage your own time. Submit articles as and when you wish
  • No payment (but you are eligible for the cash bonus program)


  • Gain experience and recognition as a writer
  • Only permitted to promote SOULSCAPE-approved content
  • Topics and direction will be given to you by the editor
  • Deadlines will need to be adhered to. Late submissions will not acceptable
  • Basic payment (amount to be advised)


We are rolling out this bonus program which will allow you to receive a bonus if your content goes viral.

How it works:

  • Submit your article to us (this can be a contracted piece or a contributed piece)
  • Your article must hit more than 5000 views within 30 days of publication to be eligible for the bonus
  • The most popular posts are tracked from the backend. And are limited to unique views only.
  • You will receive $300 per article

So we encourage you to share your article on your social media to increase the views to your article. Or if you have your own website, feel free to link back to your article.


Move 800x533


  • Workout types
  • How to workout xxx
  • Things to watch out for when doing xxx
  • New workouts you must know
  • New studios/gyms/spas/wellness centres

Eat 800x533


  • Recipes
  • Nutrition tips
  • Food facts
  • Restaurants/cafes

Live 800x533


  • Lifestyle topics
  • Make-up/Fashion
  • Home tips/styling
  • Tech
  • Eco

Breathe 800x533


  • Lifestyle topics
  • Make-up/Fashion
  • Home tips/styling
  • Tech
  • Eco

Escape 800x533


  • Travel related
  • Retreats
  • Travel tips


  • KISS: Keep It Short and Simple:
  • Most articles will be around 300-500 words.
  • Long articles should not exceed 800 words.
  • Long blocks of text are difficult to read on computer screen or mobile devices.
  • Break up paragraphs to around 3 sentences each or use bullet points and listicles.
  • Make use of sub-headings to organize and visually break up your article.
  • Send at least two high-resolution images to accompany your article. You should have permission to use these images or they should be royalty-free. Please send us the image credits (photographer name) and/or the URL where the image was sourced from.

Editorial Style Book:
All publications follow their own style book for overall consistency in quality please take note of these rules to lessen time needed to edit your contribution and get you published on SOULSCAPE.

  • SOULSCAPE is written with all caps.
  • Only one space after a period.
  • Numbers from one to ten are written out. Numbers 11 and upwards are typed out numerically.
  • SOULSCAPE follows British spelling (i.e. favourite, not favorite)
  • Write out the word “percent.”
  • We use the Oxford comma when writing lists. (i.e. “Eat, Breathe, Move, Live, and Escape)
  • Do not use double-dashes “–.” Use a single dash with spaces in-between. (i.e. “He said this – but he was joking.”)

Good Practices:

  • Run your article through an online plagiarism checker before submitting your work.
  • Write the URLs of the websites you used to research your article. Especially if you mention studies or cite quotes in your article.
  • After your article is published, we will send you the active link. Please share, share, share this with your network and encourage people to visit your work.

SOULSCAPE reserves the right to publish contributed articles with minor edits (i.e. adding keywords). If major revisions are required (i.e. updated study information, descriptions of exercises/yoga asana, etc…), we will get confirmation from the original writer before publishing.

We recieve many articles a month and cannot guarantee that every contribution will be published. We may also choose to publish your article at a later date. If you do not hear back from us about your article in two weeks, feel free to contribute another article next month!

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