Clean Your Mind Chatter and be Free–We talk about clean and lean bodies, but what about clean and lean minds and spirits? Minds and spirits without excess bagga , stripped down to bare authenticity.

Shut out the noise, all the chatter made up of excuses, blind spots, objective reasoning, the illogical appearing as the logical, and ask yourself: Who am I, truly? What do I want, really? What am I not admitting to myself that I need to finally just get out into the open, off my chest?

When you don’t see your authentic self and all the needs and desires that come with it, you are not only cheating yourself, but those closest to you. It is easy to fool ourselves that a situation is anywhere on the scale from acceptable to great. “How are you?” “GREAT!” Hmm… Really?

Multiple times in regular cycles in one lifetime alone, we may catch ourselves thinking, “This doesn’t feel right anymore,” or “Something is off,” or maybe even, “I’m not sure I’m happy.”

Great! Listen to this voice of wisdom, for that is your truth. Feeling this way is normal, and addressing it is a way of evolving and moving on. You are ready for the next phase. You haven’t signed a contract to be just one and the same your entire adult life. Reaching adulthood after the initial young years of turbulence and trauma doesn’t mean that the soul-searching is over. Far from it. For many, that’s when it really gets interesting.

There is no shame in feeling unhappy. Something just needs to shift, and often the realisation in and of itself is enough. Feeling unhappy and not admitting it is akin to suffocation of the senses. Coming out of the closet is every person’s right, and we should all come out of the closet more often.

Tell me that your marriage, too, goes through tidal crests and dips, and it will be easier to surf through it because there won’t be a feeling of shame or worthlessness, but rather of a healthy, hands on tackling of the situation.

Tell me that as a mother, it is normal to feel utter frustration and breakdown of understanding in relations to teenage logic, and I can laugh about it more.

Tell me that failing at a business venture you were super-excited about fell through after public announcement, and I won’t feel mortified with embarrassment about my own downfall, but take it as a part of the larger entrepreneurial journey.

One instance does not define the whole. But one instance can turn the rest of your life either stagnant or put it in flow.

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I’ve had many little accidents happen to me recently, all immediately after I didn’t listen to my inner voice. First, I was practicing to ride a scooter. After 10 successful minutes, my inner voice said: “Stop!” But my ego said, “One more time up and down.” And I crashed immediately. Second, I was preparing food for hours, and getting tired. “Take a break before you cut yourself,” my inner voice said. “One more pumpkin,” my ego said. What happened? I literally cut a 1cm slit on my wrist, and narrowly missed a vein. There were a few more such incidents, but you get the drift. I felt I had narrow escapes from a bigger accident. I took it to mean that something big was around the corner, and these were warning signs, preparations of something bigger about to happen, and in that situation, I had better have learned my lesson about listening to my gut instinct.

I’m talking about gut instinct and the the inner voice because they are the key to your authenticity. They speak to us the truth we seek, and it’s up to us to listen to them, and follow their guidance. Why we are sometimes so stubborn is beyond me, and even now I find myself in a situation where I know that my inner voice is what I should follow, but my logical mind and ego are taking me off on a different tangent.

And so, in this situation, I return to the questions: : Who am I, truly? What do I want, really? What am I not admitting to myself that I need to finally just get out into the open, off my chest?

Then, I will be free again.


Photos by Milla Kantola of Milla Magia Photo