Christmas and New Year Survival Tips, soulscape

Christmas and New Year Survival Tips–Indulgence is what the holiday season is about. It is incredibly hard to stay away from festive foods at this time of the year; From Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings to restaurants offering special set meals, bakeries making the most aromatic bread, pastries to lure us and of course the alcohol temptation constantly in our face. It is the most difficult time of the year for people to exercise. With the transition to the New Year parties and celebrations, it is no wonder why we find it so hard to have a keep-fit new year resolution and stick with it!

The Guilt Workout
I always tell people that that is what the holiday season is all about:
We start a workout regime just before we are about to go on vacation and we take a crash course in Pilates, yoga, cross fit or TRX and hope after we burn our muscles to the point of fatigue, we can fit into the tiniest bikini or shortest of shorts. Then we binge during the vacation and experiencing the gastronomy and food culture of the country you are visiting and then when we come back, we work it off. I call it the guilt workout.

Moderation is the key.
How then can we maintain a balance of festive indulgence and limit weight gain at this time of the year?

Here are 5 Holiday Survival Tips

  1. Avoid the buffet table: There is a tendency to reach for more when so much is in front of us; Keep sweets out of sight. What you do not see will not hurt you.
  2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast: Avoid eating the leftovers of last night’s dinner at the start of the day. You do not want turkey gravy for breakfast.
  3. Avoid Starving Yourself Before A Dinner Party: It is tempting to “save your stomach” for an anticipated great meal but that just means you are creating a tendency to overeat and binge at the dinner table.
  4. Eat More GreensPile up with more fresh vegetables and limit the carbohydrates as you would at any given time of the year. They will help balance the extra sugars and proteins that are inevitable at the party table and provide you with the nutrients you need.
  5. And of course, EXERCISE!

Christmas and New Year Survival Tips, soulscape

As tough as it may sound getting off the couch after all the fun and laughter at the table, try incorporating a walk, a jog, a few pilates and yoga routines that not only help to limit weight gain, but they also help rejuvenate you and keep you looking fresh and spirited instead of dull and lethargic. Try not to take a break from your original exercise routine as it can provide you with a great stress relief from the anxiety of running around preparing for the festivities and looking fab at all the parties.

Christmas and New Year Survival Tips, soulscape

The holidays are about enjoying special moments with your loved ones and friends. But they are also about YOU and how to treat yourself. You have worked super hard all year around getting into shape and getting the fitness level you have aspired to beat.

Finish the year with a blast.
It makes it easier to start the year with a bang.

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More exercise inspiration?

This Christmas and New Year, focus not just on working “OUT” but also working “IN”–In fitness, we often define a workout as being a programme of exercises that produce some form of pain or muscle burn in our body or an activity that gets our heart rate up and makes us sweat.


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