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Five Female Friendly Gyms and Studios for a Stronger and Healthier You in Manila

Without having to worry about your exercise or workout position, the women of Manila can confidently sweat it out with these recommended female friendly gyms. Probably you are looking for a way to strengthen your body plus lose those excess belly fat in a safe and healthy way. Then going …

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5 Habits Fit Girls Have To Stay In Shape

As Kayla Itsines, the creator of Bikini Body Guide said “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”. Staying in shape requires consistency, which is achieved through the cultivation of good habits. Here are the top few must-have habits of fit girls. 1.They make a plan …

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5 Ways on How to Induce Labor with these Yoga Prenatal Poses

You’ll be surprised that Yoga is also a prominent method to induce labor naturally as the overall exercise and yoga poses can help engage the baby in the pelvis. As expectant mothers have experienced, doing yoga as a natural way to induce labor is effective and safe. With that, we …

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5 Post Workout Regimen Through Yoga for Enhanced Flexibility

Calming and soothing the muscles, these Yoga poses are your very own body treat after those muscle-crunching workouts. With that, we’ve hand –picked some of the easiest moves to cool you down after the workout. You can lift those heavy weights, do some crunches, run on a treadmill, perform all …

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5 Ways To Feel Refreshed

Your daily routine may sometimes make you feel exhausted. You wake up, have breakfast and go to work. That routine, however, is not as healthy as you might have thought. As a result, you feel lacking of energy in your body. To pump you up with more energy is not that hard. All you need to …

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Top 5 Effective Yoga Asana Poses for Fertility Boosting and Conceiving

Asana Yoga has more benefits than you could ever imagine. Given that they promote weight reduction, cardio & circulatory health, reduce stress & anxiety, shorten labor, and helps in improving birth outcomes, one of the helpful and wonderful benefits of yoga asanas is its fertility solutions. Known as an effective …

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5 Easy Prenatal Yoga Poses for Gas Relief

Women all around the world can’t ignore the fact that one of the uncomfortable feelings during pregnancy is the bloating and the feeling of gas pressuring their insides. However, the wonders of Yoga have more to offer. Apart from a healthy mind and body, there are also prenatal yoga poses …

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Runner’s Guide in Manila for Beginners

Starting your morning right with a simple stretching and running will certainly help you focus on your work throughout the day. Making running a routine even though you are busy in Manila is absolutely possible with this runner’s guide. Running becomes a hobby for most of the people in Manila, …

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Five Female Friendly Gyms to Sweat it out in Hong Kong

Ladies, it is possible to have that strong and trimmed body in Hong Kong. This is made possible with the help of the female-friendly gyms definitely worth trying out.  Working out while on your sweatpants and tight gym wear sounds normal, however, sweating it out while being stared at is …

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Get ready to move with Triaction Sportswear by Triumph

Triumph introduces their Triaction collection, which is a new set of supportive sportswear that is both functional and stylish. So if you are looking for a perfect pair of sports bra and shorts for workout, consider checking out the latest technology integrated into the Triaction collection. As one of the …

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