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Five Animal Yoga Classes That You Can Try With Your Pet

Check out these five animal yoga trends that have humans and their furry friends doing asana side by side for mutual benefit. Many yoga poses are named after animals. Although animals may have been the inspiration for many of the asana and vinyasa sequences in yoga, many people around the …

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Guide To Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, get more toned for swimsuit season, or just trying to improve on your fitness levels, setting goals for yourself are important to keep you on track. Here is a guide to setting realistic fitness goals for yourself! Before setting yourself on a …

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How to Get a Bikini Body Fast in 2 Easy Steps

Getting a bikini body, get in shape, flat belly, get a hot body FAST. There are almost 12 million searches on this topic. Clearly, everyone wants to look good but many want to look good FAST, QUICKLY, and EASILY. FIT and STRONG is the new SEXY. Yup, females with defined abs, …

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Warning: Doing Yoga And Weed May Cause Death!

Heard about smoking weed and doing yoga at the same time? Before you try this trend, think twice! Laws in Singapore and other Asian countries can be pretty harsh and deadly for drug possession. Cannabis and yoga have a relationship that go back thousands of years. Shiva, the deity who …

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How to Improve Your Metabolic Rate

Learn the secrets of metabolism to make sure you’re eating and moving right to lose excess fat quickly and for good! What an exciting and yet extremely frustrating world the health and fitness industry has become. There isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t a new magic potion …

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5 Yoga Poses to get a Victoria’s Secret Body

Most women dream of strutting with confidence like a Victoria’s Secret Angel on the catwalk—we show you five yoga asanas that will have you toned, strong, and fit with a Victoria’s Secret Body. Add these poses into your regular yoga practice for overall strength and conditioning. Hold each pose for five to …

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All the Fun of Silent Yoga at iLight 2017 Marina Bay Singapore

Weren’t able to be part of Silent Yoga at iLight 2017 in the Marina Bay City Gallery, Singapore? Here’s what you missed! There’re still chances for you to join us at our next sessions on March 18, 19, 25, and 26. Sign up here!

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What is a Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is getting more popular in Singapore. This yoga prop has many benefits to add to your practice. It’s a wheel, and it’s a yoga prop. But how does one use it in yoga class or practice? As with all yoga props, the yoga wheel assists with stretching. …

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Barre 2 Barre Silent Yoga uLight 2017 | SOULSCAPE Singapore

Yoga Events in Singapore, March 2017

Exciting yoga events will be happening all over Singapore in March! Check out these yoga workshops to deepen your practice safely, family fun outdoor yoga classes, fundraising for worthy causes, and even Silent Yoga Flow for the first time at iLight Festival 2017, with sessions led by SOULSCAPE’s very own Theresa! March …

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Silent Yoga Events at iLight Marina Bay 2017

What to expect as SOULSCAPE brings Silent Yoga for the first time to the Marina Bay City Gallery. What is Silent Yoga? It’s simply flowing in yoga moves while wearing a pair of wireless headphones that broadcasts music and the yoga teacher’s voice. So you can hear the yoga teacher’s …

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